How do online casinos promote responsible gambling to Japanese players?

Responsible gambling is vital in the gambling world, especially if we talk about a country like Japan, where most people play casino games online. The more popularity online gambling gains, the more responsibility falls on the industry to protect the clients. Not everyone who has a gambling addiction and problem gambling can be identified at the first sign, and addiction can be challenging to recognise in the initial stages, especially when the casino doesn’t work with mental health specialists. To protect gamblers from unpleasant consequences, the online casinos that address the Japanese public have created and integrated multiple mechanisms into their gaming platforms. 

What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gambling is a broad concept that comprises multiple requirements and policies that apply to casino providers to ensure they respect the highest standards of quality and provide their clients with a safe experience that protects them from the potential negative consequences of playing casino games. 

Gambling is considered a fun pastime that sometimes generates income, but some people mistake it for a mean to make a living. While most gamblers can treat gambling as a recreation and spend only a small sum on games, for some, it’s challenging to stop when they can no longer afford to play. Software providers and casino operators that provide games to the Japanese public are requested to comply with the principles of responsible gambling. Game software providers should support online casinos to comply with legislative and technical demands. Here is a list of seven kinds of responsible gambling subjects directly connected with the digital gambling market

– Responsible and ethical marketing

– Prevention of underage gambling

– Online payment protection

– A secure online environment

– Information privacy

– Protection of vulnerable gamblers

– Safety measures against criminal activities

Let’s have a more detailed look at the above types of responsible gambling that affect the Japanese gambling industry. 

Responsible and ethical marketing

Casino providers should comply with the adopted regulatory advertising codes of practice that ensure ads are factually correct, don’t target vulnerable or underage gamblers, and teach them how to stop gamble when they show signs of negative behaviour. They should also ensure their marketing materials don’t target people who have self-excluded themselves from casino playing. It’s expected gambling providers to seek permission from the clients before engaging in direct marketing. 

Prevention of underage gambling

The prevention of underage gambling is a critical aspect in fighting gambling addiction and problem gambling and casinos must ensure that individuals who aren’t the legal age cannot gamble for real money. Online casinos must take the needed measures to ensure they don’t allow underage gambling on their platforms. One way to do it is to have in place a mandatory verification to confirm the gamblers’ age. In Japan, casino providers also recommend parents monitor and take all the needed means to block their children’s access to gambling platforms. 

Online payment protection

Casino providers that offer games to the Japanese public need to ensure their clients access reliable software that protects their financial details and personal information. Gambling operators should give major attention to choosing the right gambling payment and risk processing solution for clients to safely deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds on the platform. 

A secure online environment 

An essential principle of responsible gambling requires casinos to create a set of mechanisms and controls to create a framework of a secure online environment. Casino platforms should be safe locations where gamblers can have fun in a safe environment and all their activities develop securely.

Information privacy

In the present world, one may wonder how can casino operators protect their clients’ sensitive information from prying eyes. This aspect is connected to the need of keeping the clients’ private information safe from unauthorised access that can happen as a result of hacking and illegal criminal activities. Casinos must introduce strong policies to control access to sensitive information, like the gamblers’ real names, their contact details, and address, and ensure information privacy is respected.

Protection of vulnerable gamblers

Responsible gambling is also concerned with protecting vulnerable players who are predisposed to gambling addiction and problem gambling. Some individuals can become addicted to casino playing or betting activities and spend too much time and money. Gambling can affect the normal lives of people who don’t know how to stop gamble. 

Casino providers can implement measures like limits on the amount of time and money people can spend on a gambling platform and self-exclusion programs. Some websites also impose a reality check functionality that makes it possible for gamblers to set a frequency to receive a display of the time elapsed since they engaged in playing that allows them to set a limit to their losses and exit the platform. 

The gambling operators that address the Japanese public implemented multiple tools to assist players in enjoying responsible gambling. For example, they can set financial limits for their profiles or prevent hasten decisions by enabling a feature that allows them not to increase the deposit limit until 24 hours pass. Japanese players even have the possibility to exclude themselves from all gambling activities online. Furthermore, casino providers display information about organisations that can help the players who don’t know how to stop gamble and who have been affected by their gambling issues.       

Safety measures against criminal activities

As everyone knows, the Internet is a dangerous place to be these days, and gambling websites, like all other websites, can be affected by criminal activities. To obtain personal information and access to gamblers’ financial transactions, cybercriminals can deploy malicious software that targets the gambling platform or the client’s account. 

Online casino providers need to insert software programs and procedures that detect and block hacking devices and activities to stop cybercriminals. 

Besides the measures online casinos adopt, players also need to follow a couple of recommendations and approach gambling to spend their time in a relaxing manner. They should understand that casino games are an entertainment mean, and they shouldn’t view the activities as an easy way to make money.