How Do Digital Slot Jackpots Work?

If you have ever visited an online casino site, you will have noticed that a lot of emphasis is placed on the jackpots. These describe the top payouts offered by the digital slot games on offer, which can range from pocket change to millions. But how do these jackpots actually work, and what are the technological processes that determine when they are paid out? Let’s take a look at the mechanics behind digital slot jackpots. 

Must-Drop Jackpots

These are some of the most common jackpots on online casino websites, and they are usually tied to one casino in particular. As the name suggests, these are jackpots that will pay out to one individual player once the predetermined limit is hit. Let’s walk through this with an example.

If you were to play online slots at Betfair, you could try playing one of the slots under the ‘Jackpot King’ category, such as Eye of Horus or Gold Strike Bonanza. With these, there are three distinct jackpots up for grabs, each of varying sizes. The Regal Pot is pre-programmed to pay out before the pot reaches a certain cash amount.

Everyone who plays a Jackpot King slot will contribute a small portion of their stake to this point. Once enough players have wagered on the slot and the payout threshold is met, one lucky player will take home the entirety of the pot. This is how must-drop jackpots work. 

Progressive jackpots

Another immensely popular type of slot is known as a progressive jackpot. Much like other types of slots, the games linked to the jackpot run on random number generator (RNG) software to keep the outcome completely random.

This means that, no matter how big the jackpot grows, each spin has an equal chance of winning the top prize. Like must-drop jackpots, a portion of a player’s stake will go towards the progressive jackpot prize.

It is important to note that the progressive jackpot is distinct from the regular payouts offered by the slot machine, as the progressive pot can be built from the stakes of thousands of players from around the world. In addition, progressive jackpot slots will usually have a lower RTP than other types of slots, to account for this “extra” potential payout.

The progressive jackpot will trigger and be awarded to one player based on a specific bonus feature within the game being activated, rather than hitting a specific payline. Progressive jackpots offer the largest prizes in online slot gaming by far, and can often be in the millions. 

Local and Networked Jackpots

Finally, it is important to draw a distinction between local and networked jackpots. With local jackpots, the jackpot is entirely within the remit of a single casino provider and a single game. The pot will, therefore, be much lower.

However, the chances of actually winning the top prize might be higher. With networked jackpots, meanwhile, thousands of players at lots of different casinos will all be contributing or playing for the same prize pool. While this means that you are up against more competition, it also means that the potential top prizes have virtually no limits. 

If you’re considering playing real money online games, understanding how jackpots work is essential. With this info to hand, you can choose a jackpot slot that suits you.