How augmentation rises in men

Penis size is a sensitive topic in men worldwide. Many remedies are on the market. They include injections, pills, surgeries, and traction devices like the ones you find at These methods differ in many ways. At some point, the risks involved may outweigh perceived benefits like surgery. Penis enlargement procedures target men who experience medical disorders or penile trauma. These conditions affect the normal functioning of the penis. If a penis size affects the quality and fertility of life, then do penis enlargement. You need to seek the guidance of a urologist in this process.

Many reasons will make man seek penile augmentation. They can be:

  1. Physical reasons
  2. Medical conditions like impaired urinary fertility or function. 
  3. Psychological reasons like low self-esteem or anxiety due to the penis size.

Physical reasons

It’s normal to get a person’s penis to be smaller due to hormonal or genetic disorders. The two lead to micropenis. A micropenis is any stretched penis length that is less than three inches. The length should be less than three inches when the penis is flaccid and fully stretched. It shouldn’t cause any pain or discomfort.

Such a small penis will affect a man’s ability to direct a urine stream. Sexual intercourse becomes challenging to handle. The small size penis will reduce the volume of semen that gets to the upper vagina. Men with micropenis have low-level testosterone levels and low sperm count. In such a scenario, boosted penis size won’t improve fertility.

Microphallus is an abnormal penis that comes with hypospadias. Peyronies disease is a condition that will cause an abnormal bend in later life stages. Fibrosis at the bend causes penis shortening or narrowing with erectile dysfunction. A man will have painful erections.

Prostate cancer surgery can reduce the penis size. It happens when experts remove the entire prostate with the surrounding tissues. The reason is that fibrosis causes internal penis retraction. It reduces the penis length by 16%.

A buried penis is a penis concealed inside the excess pelvis fat. The condition is common in prepubescent boys that are obese. Most of these boys have average-sized penis that excess fats burry. 

Psychological reasons

Many men seek penis enlargement services because of psychological perceptions. They believe they have a small penis size than the average length. These men fail to understand the standard penis size. A penis is between five to six inches long with a girth of four to five inches when erect.

Some people have penises above the usual standards. They have an abnormal preoccupation with their sizes. Such preoccupations interfere with their normal life leading to penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD). The condition is well treated by psychological counseling than penile enlargement.


If you perceive your penis to be smaller, then measure it well to be sure. If the size makes you uncomfortable, then pursue a penile augmentation. Meet a urologist to discuss the risks and the benefits of the procedure that you will use. If your problem is infertility, meet a fertility expert.