How Anime Is Influencing the Gambling Industry in Japan

Even if you never went to Japan or can’t point to this country on a map, chances are you can name at least one thing that is specific to the Japanese culture. For some, it will be the beautiful cherry blossom trees, the traditional tea ceremonies, or the spunky karaoke venues, but there are some things that are even more representative of modern Japanese culture – anime. 

Anime has a very long history in Japan, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, and has since spread its artistic influence across the entire world. The first anime film, Katsudō Shashin, is thought to have been created in 1906. The film was made using an old cut and paste technique to put together the 50 frames used, and the video was no longer than 3 seconds, depicting a boy writing some kanji characters that translate to “moving picture”. 

The first official commercial anime did not appear until 1917 and was called Dekobō Shingachō: Meian no Shippai, but there is no way to find any original copies of it now. What is thought to have happened is that most of these copies were cut into individual strips and frames and were sold to collectors over time. 

Anime entering global popular culture

The moment Japanese anime really took off and started spreading throughout the entire world was during the 1980s when a new wave of directors took it upon themselves to revamp the genre. One of these directors is Hayao Miyazaki, the founder of Studio Ghibli, who is responsible for popularizing anime films all over the world. Miyazaki even won an Oscar for his anime movie, Spirited Away, which Is arguably the most popular anime film of all times.

The revamping of the genre was a success and continued throughout the 1980s and 1990s when western countries started becoming even more interested in Japanese animations. Series such as Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Berserk, and Neon Genesis Evangelion became huge successes outside Japan. The first two were loved by kids all over the world, while the last two were more targeted at young adults and adults, as they displayed more complex themes, increased violence, and sexuality. There is even a pachi slot Evangelions series that is very popular in Japan now. 

Just to show just how much Japanese anime has influenced western media at the time, it is worth noting that Another anime movie, Ghost in the Shell, is actually the inspiration for Matrix. 

Anime’s influence on Japanese Gambling

The anime industry has evolved tremendously in the past century, influencing a large segment of Japan’s modern culture and making its way into other forms of entertainment and art as well. So, it comes as no surprise that Japan’s gambling industry, one of the most important in all Asia, is also influenced by anime. 

The Japanese love to gamble, and pachinko slots are their favorite form of Gambling. These machines resemble western slots to some extent but maintain the colorful, playful, and sound-rich elements that are specific to Japanese anime. 

Even though the first supporters of anime never imagined this art form to become such an important part not only of Japan’s culture but the world’s pop culture altogether, it’s enough to take one look at a pachinko machine to spot how it was inspired by anime culture. 

Developer studios have long used psychology in commercial gambling as a design technique. Rewarding sounds and beautiful visual elements contribute to a player’s happiness and pleasure, determining them to play for longer. Obviously, the ultimate purpose of gambling product design is to boost the house’s profits, and anime’s appeal aids this purpose.

Many of today’s gambling games, especially pachinko, borrow from the artistic style, story, and rewarding sounds that anime creations feature. These games have storylines that feature magical regions and elicit feelings of ambition and bravery in gamers. These themes have been directly borrowed into gambling products from anime, together with the visual elements such as the color palettes and artistic style. 

How is anime inspiring Japanese slot games?

The sharp and vibrant graphic elements of anime make the perfect foundation for pachinko games and other slot machines as well. This, paired with fantastic character development and engaging storylines, are enough to grab the players’ attention and keep them entertained. 

Here are three ways anime is inspiring pachinko games:

Animation style

Anime productions have a very distinct animation style that is instantly recognized by anyone. This includes characters with exaggerated body shapes, large eyes, and intricated backgrounds – all of which add up to form a unique product. 

This particular style is creeping into Japanese slot machine designs, with detailed backdrops representing everything from ancient temples to Japanese towns at night, all depicted in gorgeous and intricate styles that appear to have come straight out of a movie. Slots have begun to shift away from awkward, one-dimensional fruit symbols and harsh color schemes, with anime encouraging a more delicate approach to gaming providers’ animation style. Pachinko machines have evolved into an art form designed with the player in mind.

Storylines and themes

Given the array of technological developments available, players are expecting more from slot game creators than the basics of two-dimensional fruit machines. 

Many gamers are looking for more from casino games than merely hitting the spin button and seeing which symbols land where. They now want to play slots with adventure-themed gameplay, featuring action-packed narratives and fascinating themes. For example, this pachinko machine of Evangelion anime inspiration is gaining a lot of popularity among players nowadays. 

Anime frequently portrays dramatic confrontations and follows legendary fighters, elevating martial arts to new heights. Sumo wrestlers, ninjas, and shinobis are all central characters in anime stories and have become an important part of pachinko games as well, often paired with battle-themed reward features to keep players entertained.

Character development

Anime productions usually feature a central character or group of characters that embark on fantastic adventures filled with life lessons and entertaining moments. These characters have become an inspiration for pachinko games as well, adding an extra element to the game and making players relate more to the game they play. 

It’s not uncommon for slot games to draw inspiration from popular TV and movie characters, but few of these “collaborations” are more aesthetically suited than anime characters and pachinko games.