Hotel and Casino Injuries Help from Benson & Bingham

Gambling is a pastime many people enjoy. When approached soberly, gambling is enjoyable and safe. Unfortunately, there are some dangers lurking in hotels and casinos. A person may find they end up becoming injured and may not know who is to blame. If a hotel and casino have not kept their premises safe for visitors, they can be held liable for any damages that result. 

Common Dangers in Hotels and Casinos

Multiple dangers can be lying in wait for individuals who frequent hotels and casinos. When someone is injured, they need to take immediate action and contact Benson & Bingham right away. The following are some of the top dangers in hotels and casinos. 

  • Slippery pool, deck, gym, and spa floors
  • Poor lighting
  • Loose carpeting or damaged flooring
  • Improper staircase landings
  • Food poisoning
  • Assault

Unfortunately, injuries are common at some hotels and casinos. When these establishments are short-staffed, the risks of injuries rise quickly. Individuals who are visiting a hotel and casino need to be aware of the possible dangers and stay proactive to protect themselves. Getting caught up in the excitement and fun can cause a person to forget the dangers and become injured. 

What Should a Person Do When Injured in a Hotel or Casino?

Taking the right steps after an injury occurs is essential. Most people who sustain injuries at a hotel or casino worry about receiving the fair compensation they are owed. The actions an injured person takes immediately after their accident will directly impact the outcome of their injury claim. The following are necessary steps after a hotel and casino accident occurs. 

  • Individuals should notify the hotel management staff as soon as possible after their accident. Ask that a detailed report be filed, and get a copy of the accident report. 
  • Seek medical treatment right away. No matter how minor the victim’s injuries may seem, getting medical help is essential to rule out any serious underlying health concerns. 
  • Gather evidence from the scene. Injured individuals should take pictures and videos of the scene. They should save the clothing they were wearing and preserve any other evidence. 
  • Keep up with any documentation from employers due to missed work. 
  • Document injuries, symptoms, and doctor’s visits. 

Taking the above steps will help to ensure an injured person protects their rights to seek fair compensation for their injuries and damages. Before speaking with the insurance company of the hotel or casino, a person needs to consider their legal options and the steps involved in seeking a fair outcome. 

Injured Victims Should Consult With an Attorney

Many people are ignorant of the law and may not realize the rights they hold as injured victims. When injuries occur, the property owners may need to be held liable. The best way to pursue fair compensation is by first meeting for a consultation with an attorney. 

One of the first things a person needs to do after seeking medical help is to schedule a consultation appointment. Many personal injury attorneys offer free consultation appointments for injured victims. Once an attorney is hired, they will start the process of investigating the accident and the cause. The attorney will gather important evidence and begin the pursuit of the hotel or casino. 

Although a person can pursue their injury case alone, getting help from an attorney makes things easier. Getting help from an attorney makes the process much less stressful for injured victims.