High Stakes vs. Low Stakes in Video Slots

Choosing between high stakes or low stakes is an attention-seeking phenomenon because there are no strict decisions on the players’ part that they would like to continue with either high stakes or low stakes video slots. Either way, the players aim to bag the maximum amount of winnings to raise their bank balance. Therefore, in this article, we will present a detailed review for both of the kinds, and at the end, we will see which one is better.

High Stakes Video Slots

High-stakes slot machines are the ones that give the players a real rush of excitement and thrill because the player is always impatient, and at the same time, there is a feeling of exhilaration to know the outcomes of their spins. To begin with, the fundamental fact about high stakes video slots is that these are risky to play because they require you to bet high. But ultimately, the payouts are also very generous. Other than that, these slots do not deprive you of the fun moments because modern video slots are highly innovative in their style, animations, and sound quality. However, all you have to wait for is for your luck striking the reels and giving you a jackpot amount!

What Are High Stake Slots?

This is the most fundamental question asked by the players, so, in the simplest terms, high stake slots are riskier slot machines because they are highly volatile, but their rewards are worth playing for.

So if you compare these with the low-stakes slots, the primary difference is volatility, and you will find that the low-stakes video slots have a minimum prize value to offer, but the rewards are frequent through bonus symbols and mini bonus rounds. Contrarily, it is difficult to trigger the bonus rounds in high stake slots, and once done so, you will win a treat of handsome rewards.

Method to Try Out High Stake Slots!

High Stake Online Slots

Before starting to play, the most important thing is to identify your area of interest, as video slots come with a variety of themes followed by different mechanics: some are fast-paced, some have varying reels or grid structures, expanding ones, some remain the same throughout the gameplay, so you must carefully see what attracts you the most in video slots. Because these things help you keep focused, and you won’t get bored by seeing some random reels spinning in front of you. After all, gaming time should be a fun time rather than a time pass!

Here are some of the popular high stake video slots that can help you get started, but you are always free to explore more!

  • Zhao Cai Jin Bao
  • 300 Shields
  • Santa Surprise
  • Hong Kong Tower
  • Ghosts of Christmas

To win the real credit out of these video slots, you must be an existing member of an online casino, and if you are not, you must sign up for your new account and deposit to play. Also, some online casinos are too generous to offer you free spins for any game, so it is better to do a little research for the welcome bonuses at online casinos before joining any random one.

Available for Free Play Too!

What could be a better treat than to play for free? Now you can play high stake video slots for free either by visiting any free to play website or by joining an online casino that offers no deposit bonus, free spins, or credit value that you can use on high stake video slots.

Keep in mind – you can only cash out your prizes if you have opted for a real money game. Otherwise, playing at free websites won’t give you back anything at all!

Low Stake Video Slots

So, the opposite of high video slots are the low stake video slots, and more generally, when you do not want to get into huge trouble instead of staying on a safe side, the low stake slots prove highly beneficial. With these games, the players can stake as low as up to $0.01 per spin. Therefore, the players who could not afford to stake high can opt for these slots where they are guaranteed small rewards.

To the surprise of most players who assume that low stake slots cannot get them a significant win, these slots can end up thousands of dollars, such as the case with Mega Moolah, which can pay millions. Moreover, many high rollers often have low stake bonuses because they know that great winning chances are always there!

Tactics for Playing Low Stakes Slots

As low stake slots are not risky, there are still several ways that can help you bag more prizes at low stakes.

  1. High RTP is best! Slots with a high RTP have the maximum chances of giving you back money rewards even at the low stakes. Moreover, you can always start a new game and continue to play until you have won enough. Starburst, Booming Bananas, and Lava Gold are the popular titles under this category.
  2. Check on the Volatility of Slots. Choosing between high and low volatility slots is another way to increase the number of your net winnings. So, there are the slots with high volatility, which means they will give you high rewards but are less frequent; on the other hand, low volatility slots have comparatively low-mid-sized amounts, but the wins are more frequent. Therefore, as a low roller, you must opt for low volatility slots to win the regular payouts, which would add to your bankroll. But if you can’t decide, we recommend trying a medium-volatility game, such as the 5 Dragons slot machine.
  3. Play on Maximum Paylines. There are more chances of hitting the prizes when you opt for slots with a higher number of paylines because, in the end, you will be granted a maximum number of winning combinations after a respective spin. So, a smart strategy would be to bet with few coins per line but use a maximum number of active paylines.

Final Words

Both high stakes and low stakes slots have their own pros and cons, but it highly depends on the players to choose the one that matches their capacity to bet and their patience level. As the high stakes might require you to wait. But in the end, you will be granted a luxurious reward while the low stakes continue to pay you a small amount more often. However, there are still the chances for a super grand reward.