Here is why Betano is one of the sites available in many European countries

Какви са предимствата от използването на betano app

Many prestigious gambling sites operate in several countries because they focus on different regions. Although North America and Africa are becoming more popular, Europe continues to be the leader regarding online gambling. Hence Betano and several other companies can be found in most European countries. To read more about Betano Bulgaria, click here because this article will reveal the pros and cons of this iGaming operator.

Since it is one of the big players in Europe, Betano has different reasons why it decided to offer its services in many European countries. We know that many of you are curious to learn more, so this article will share some of the info.

Europeans love online betting, especially those in Eastern Europe

There are a couple of reasons why Betano is accessible in places like Bulgaria, and one of them is because of the numerous iGaming fans. Most people know that the majority of Eastern European states are relatively small compared to the ones in the west. However, it seems like people there like sports and casino games. 

Judging by the number of betting sites in some European countries like Bulgaria, there are way more punters in this jurisdiction compared to other parts of Europe. Naturally, brands like Betano want a piece of the pie, which is why the company decided to complete the procedure and obtain a license. Aside from Bulgaria, you can find this company in Romania.

Betano’s many years of experience help the operator because it knows how to gain new customers 

Although many online betting websites look the same and allow people to use similar sections, every market is specific. For example, sports bettors in the U.S. are more interested in the sports that are more popular there. This includes things like American football, basketball, and baseball. 

That said, most punters in Europe, especially in Bulgaria, prefer to focus on other sports. Naturally, almost every European sports bettor is interested in football. Therefore, brands like Betano are aware that they should pay more attention to the specific sport because this will help them succeed.

Everyone who takes a look at Betano and its sports section will see that the bookmaker allows gamblers in the EU to access all sorts of football leagues and competitions. In addition to European championships, the site also covers events from other parts of the world.

Betano has an application for iOS and Android

Having an application for Android and iOS can make a big difference when it comes down to online betting. Millions of European punters use their handheld devices daily, so having an app definitely helps some brands become more popular.

Since Betano is one of the brands with a stand-alone application, do not be surprised that the site can be accessed in multiple states, including Bulgaria. Having a functioning app is a sign that a given brand is serious, which is important if it wants to receive a permit from a given gambling regulator.

Betano’s application can be accessible within minutes and works on many devices. IOS users can get it via the App Store, whereas people who are fans of Android must complete additional steps. Luckily, they take little to no time.

Betano has a lot of features that have fans in different countries

The last reason why online bettors from different countries can access Betano and its services is due to the betting features. Even though it may seem like this operator lacks some of the popular alternatives, everyone familiar with Betano knows that the company is special. 

People who use the site regularly have the option to use Bet Builder. What’s more, they can even Request a Bet, something that is not available on many other online betting platforms that have more experience than Betano.

Aside from these two options, Betano also has Cash Out and Live Streaming. These two options work great when used together because they minimize the risk and allow people to have an outstanding sports betting experience. As a result, Betano will continue to be the preferred option for bettors in Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, and many other countries.