Here is Banana Kush feminized seeds review

Are you thinking about growing Banana Kush feminized seeds? You won’t be disappointed. They grow into lush green crops with a sturdy structure and exude alluring aromas that captivate the senses. 

As the name implies, the indica-dominant cultivar is sweet-scented, and the flavor profile is tropical with strong banana notes. Each bud is bright green, with hints of yellow and orange pistils. 

The powerful effects rank favorably with both medicinal and recreational tokers. Many cultivate feminized Banana Kush seeds for the psychedelic experience it induces. 

How potent are these nugs? They’re powerful enough to bring on a blissful buzz after a single hit. The THC level average is 17–21%, while the CBD content is low at around 0.5%. 

Growing Banana Kush feminized is straightforward if you’re an advanced cultivator, but intermediate-level gardeners can also take on this rewarding challenge. Join us as we discover more about this fruity-flavored delight. 

Banana Kush feminized seeds description

Banana Kush feminized seeds mature into robust female plants. You don’t need to worry about sexing your cannabis or separating males.  

They’re photoperiod crops that depend on strict light cycles to develop optimally. The foliage gets thick and adds to their visual appeal. Some crops grow as tall as 6ft, but most average around 2–3ft. 

Feminized Banana Kush seeds descend from the 420 famous Kush genetics. Like its predecessors, it induces a mind-blowing experience after just one or two tokes. The effects start euphoric, but it’s best suited to evening use as couch-lock is inevitable. 

Cultivation is suited to those with experience because they’re sensitive to pathogens and need frequent trimming. Banana Kush feminized seeds also require diligent supplementation. 

Those willing to take on the challenge reap generous harvests of sweet-smelling buds.

Banana Kush feminized effects 

Why are Banana Kush feminized seeds so popular? The effects, of course! Growers mainly cultivate these plants for the potency the buds offer. 

Many use it as a one-hit and quit strain, as it only takes a single toke to get the buzz going. It starts with an instant, warm head rush. Your temples feel a tingling heat, and your troubles vanish from thought. 

You ooze positivity and reveal your social side. Conversation flows easily, and your sense of humor increases. Some experience giggle-fits as the wave of euphoria seems to last for hours

The warm cerebral sensation travels down the back of your neck and spreads throughout your body. Your limbs loosen and relax as tension vanishes. This is your cue to load up on snacks and beverages before the body melt occurs.

Banana Kush feminized flavors 

Feminized Banana Kush seeds develop into fragrant crops, filling your grow room with tempting tropical scents. Once you harvest and grind the buds, the scents intensify. The aromas are mainly banana and earth with skunk notes

Banana dominates the flavor profile on the inhale, with hints of skunk and wood. Similar tastes linger in your mouth as you exhale. 

How to germinate Banana Kush feminized seeds

Germinating Banana Kush feminized seeds is quite easy. There are several methods to choose from. Some are affordable, using only a few household items, while others can be pricey. 

Let’s start with some of the easiest ways to get your seeds started. 


The soaking technique is the simplest and cheapest way to get your feminized Banana Kush seeds to sprout. When you immerse them in water, it triggers the hormones to start germinating.

You’ll need: 

  • A glass of water 
  • Marijuana seeds 


Step 1: Place the glass of water on a sturdy surface where it won’t be disturbed. 

Step 2: Put the seeds in the water. They may float at first, but they’ll sink after a while. 

Step 3: Allow them to soak until small white taproots appear. You can leave them in for 24 hours. If there are no results, you can wait another 8 hours before removing them and trying another option. 

If you let your feminized Banana Kush seeds soak for more than 32 hours, you risk depriving them of oxygen, and they might drown or rot. 

Step 4: Transfer to the grow medium must be swift. Avoid exposing the sensitive roots to too much light. 

Paper Towel method 

You can use this method independently or as a backup plan to the soaking technique above. Using paper towels for germination is popular among growers as it’s cheap and creates the ideal environment for the seeds

You’ll need: 

  • Banana Kush feminized seeds 
  • Two paper towels 
  • Two large dinner plates 
  • A cloth (for drying) 
  • A bowl of room temperature water
  • Tweezers 


Step 1: Set out a dinner plate as the base of your makeshift germination station. Ensure that it’s dry. 

Step 2: Dip one paper towel into the bowl of water and gently squeeze out the excess fluid. Be careful not to tear it. It should be damp, not soaking wet. 

Step 3: Lay the towel in the center of the dinner plate. Use the cloth to dry any free-standing water. 

Step 4: Using the tweezer, carefully place the feminized Banana Kush seeds an inch apart on the paper towel. Spacing them too close together can cause the roots to tangle or damage when they sprout.

Step 5: Dip the second paper towel in the water, wring out any extra liquid and cover the seeds with it. Dry any water droplets. 

Step 6: Close the setup with the second dinner plate. Place it in a warm, dry spot, and check on the marijuana seeds daily. If they appear to be drying out, moisten them. Roots will develop within five days

Ziplock bag technique 

This germination method works well because it locks in the ideal moisture levels, creating a greenhouse-type environment. It’s similar to the paper towel option. 

You’ll need: 

  • Banana Kush feminized seeds
  • 2 damp paper towels 
  • A Ziploc bag 
  • Tweezers 


Step 1: Use the tweezers to space the cannabis seeds an inch apart on one of the moist paper towels. 

Step 2: Cover them with the second damp towel. 

Step 3: Gently slide the towels with the Banana Kush feminized seeds into the Ziploc bag and seal. 

Step 4: Place in a safe spot where they won’t be disturbed. Germination should occur within a week

Stone wool blocks

This method is a bit more expensive, and you’ll need to buy blocks to get started. Growers favor stone/rock wool blocks for their excellent water retention properties. These cubes stem from molten rocks spun into fibers and structured into cubes.

They offer convenience because as the plants outgrow smaller cubes, you simply slot those into larger cubes. There’s no need to transplant your crops and expose them to unnecessary stress. 

You’ll need:

  • Banana Kush feminized seeds 
  • Stone wool blocks 
  • A container with water 
  • Seed tray 
  • pH downer
  • Digital pH meter


Step 1: Measure the pH levels of the water, and add a pH downer until it reads at 5.5. 

Step 2: Insert all the stone wool blocks into the container and allow them to soak for approximately two hours. Some growers leave them overnight, but a couple of hours is sufficient.

Step 3: Place the blocks into the seed tray. 

Step 4: The stone wool blocks have ready-made holes at the top. Grab your Banana Kush feminized seeds and insert one into each block. 

Step 5: Pinch the material surrounding the hole to minimize light exposure to the seeds. 

Seed starter plugs

Seeds starter plugs are pods made from natural materials like tree bark. They’re a firm favorite among cannabis growers as they’re convenient. Their organic composition gives seeds all the vital nutrients needed in the early development stage, as well as warmth. 

You’ll need: 

  • Feminized Banana Kush seeds 
  • Seed starter plugs
  • Seed tray 
  • Water 


Step 1: Insert the seed starter plugs into the allocated slots in the seed tray. 

Step 2: Place the cannabis seeds into the premade holes at the top of each plug. 

Step 3: Add water to each plug according to the instructions on the package. Each brand has different requirements, and adhering to the prescribed quantity is best. 

Step 4: Gently pinch the tops to reduce light exposure to the Banana Kush feminized seeds. 

To create a high-quality germination station, some growers pair this method with a humidity dome and heated mat. 

Banana Kush feminized seeds grow information

Cultivating feminized Banana Kush seeds is straightforward for advanced growers, but those with less experience may find it challenging. The strain is susceptible to pathogens like mold, and its bushy foliage exacerbates the issue.

Grow these crops indoors or outdoors in soil or hydroponics. If using the former, opt for a well-draining substrate. Loamy soil is best as it offers excellent water retention and aeration without hindering root development. 

Growing Banana Kush feminized seeds outdoors requires plenty of sunshine and moderate humidity levels. A Mediterranean climate is ideal. Use proper watering techniques to avoid giving too much or too little. Excessive liquid can damage the plant and cause root rot. 

These crops thrive indoors thanks to the highly controlled environment. Banana Kush feminized seeds need warm temperatures of around 68–80℉. Keep the humidity levels moderate at a range of 55–60%. When the crops flip to flower, lower it to 40%. 

During the vegetative phase, the foliage gets dense. As attractive as it looks, it inhibits light exposure and encourages pathogens. Regular pruning is essential

Defoliation ensures sufficient airflow around the crops and that light can reach the lower leaves. It also allows the nutrients to be directed to more essential parts of the plants. 

The crops respond well to training techniques, and using a Sea of Green (SOG) setup is an excellent way to optimize your yield. The method entails cultivating your crops closely together, creating a bud canopy. 

Each plant minimizes its side blooms and directs nutrients to develop one main region. These crops flower sooner as they need to support a heavy main cola. One major benefit of this technique is that you won’t need to prune your crops. 

You can also cultivate your Banana Kush feminized seeds using the Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique. It trains your plants to develop horizontally rather than vertically. It exposes more flower nodes to light and enhances the photosynthesis process. The main advantage of this option is higher yields. 

When growing Banana Kush feminized seeds, you can expect the crops to flower in 7–9 weeks. Typical yields indoors average 18 oz./m2, and outdoor crops produce around 19–25 oz./plant.

Banana Kush feminized seeds genetics 

Feminized Banana Kush seeds stem from the union of Skunk Haze and Ghost OG. The former is sativa dominant, inducing energizing effects that improve your mood, while the latter offers potent sedative qualities. 

Both parents have Kush genetics, making Banana Kush feminized seeds the latest in a long lineage of legends. 

Where to buy Banana Kush feminized seeds 

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Peeling it 

If you enjoy the fragrance and flavor of tropical fruit, you’ll love Banana Kush. It’s a hard-hitting cultivar that induces uplifting euphoria and positivity before soothing you into a tranquil state of relaxation and Couch-lock. 

Banana Kush Feminized seeds have impressive genetics and mature into beautiful female plants with bushy foliage and yield bountiful harvests. Each bud is brightly colored and fragrant, luring you in and tempting you to taste it. 

Cultivation is suited to those with marijuana growing experience, but intermediate-level gardeners can also find success. Why not grow your own? Visit Homegrown Cannabis Co. to get started today.