Guide to Play the Dragon Tiger game Online in India

What is the Live Dragon Tiger game?

Evolution Gaming created the live casino game Live Dagon Tiger. The game is similar to Baccarat but is considerably easier. Live Dragon Tiger is a popular card game in Asia and India because it can be played with just two cards on online gambling sites like YOLO24. We will share how the Dragon Tiger game is played and the tricks to play the game.

The game’s quick gameplay is what distinguishes it. Each round only takes about 25 seconds to finish.

When you receive winning numbers, the game’s flashing lights turn on. You may utilise a unique interface with highways modelled by Baccarat to keep track of the metrics and enhance your games. Here, you can forecast the results of your upcoming game rounds.

You may also converse with the cheerful and kind dealer while playing the game. You have the option to switch between a standard view and a 3D view whenever you feel the need to.

Only the cards Dragon and Tiger were used in the Live Dragon Tiger game. Simply place a wager on the card you believe will be the highest. Additionally, you may wager on whether the outcome will be tied.

How to play the Tiger Dragon game?

In the Live Dragon Tiger game, there were just two cards: Dragon and Tiger. Simply bet on the card you think will be the highest, and you can also bet on whether the result will be tied. Read on for the explanation of how to play this game.

Table and cards

  • Six decks of cards are used to play the game; however, there are no joker cards.
  • Dragon Tiger’s playing cards have the following values: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, B, J, Q, and K. The value of an ace, the lowest card, is one, and the highest card is the king.
  • In Dragon Tiger, a green mat covers the gaming table. There are two squares on the table’s lower side, and a Dragon and a Tiger each have their square.
  • Regarding the table’s surroundings, the background has two tall sculptures of dragons made of glass and gold, one on the left and the other on the right.


Each round, the dealer deals with two cards. You should bet on which creature will score the most points, the Dragon or Tiger. Put your money on the Tiger square to the right if you think Tiger will win.

Additionally, you may bet on a tie and a matched tie.

Types of Bets and Payouts

96.27 per cent is the optimal RTP for the Dragon/Tiger main wager. There are four different bets you may place in the game:

  • Greater or Lesser

Bets can be placed on both Tiger High and Dragon High. You win a Dragon high and Tiger high wager if the dealer deals an 8. However, you lose if the card given is a 7 or below.

You may also gamble on Tiger High and Dragon Low. You win a Dragon low and Tiger high if a 6 is dealt, and you lose if the dealer deals a 7 or higher.

  • Tie Bet

An extra side wager, known as a “tie bet,” can be made on either the Dragon or Tiger card, regardless of suit, having the same rank.

If the round is tied and you place a tie bet, you will get back 50% of your initial wager. In his case, the tie yields an 11:1 payout.

  • Matching Tie Bet

A suited tie bet is an additional side wager that can be placed on the rank and suit of the Dragon and Tiger cards matching.

If you place a wager on a suited tie and the rounds result in a proper tie, you will receive a 50% return on your investment. The matched tie wager here pays out at a 50:1 ratio.

Tips to Play the Dragon Tiger Game

Some tips and tricks to play the Dragon Tiger online game are mentioned below:

  • Place no wagers at all on ties.

The chances of a tie are often relatively high: 1 win 8. Various risks are associated with the house edge, which might be as high as 32.77 per cent. Very few bettors who wager on ties win. Out of the 86,320 potential card combinations, drawing is only feasible with 6488. You will fail the final 79,872 attempts.

  • Exclusively Play Dragon Tiger

The Dragon and Tiger ones are the only places to bet on that have an even 50/50 probability of winning and will pay out bonuses. You face many risks if you insist on placing bets on ties in the hopes of striking it fortunate and collecting hefty bonuses.

  • Using the image as a guide, predict the result.

You will surely be able to see the dealer’s rules for winning if you are watchful, quick, and skilled. As a result, you should consider the dealer’s dealing style when playing to predict the outcomes of succeeding games. Then, based on the result, pick your wagering side.

  • Limit the use of multiple betting strategies together:

Many players think combining several betting strategies is a good way to increase their chances of winning when playing Dragon Tiger. It is essential to avoid overthinking and just aim to use this betting technique as no player has ever tried it.

  • Observe the dealer deal cards

You shouldn’t go into betting when you first start playing a game of Dragon Tiger without first doing any research or coming up with any type of unique approach. The player must study the rules and observe the dealer deal with the cards. Keep note of the results of each game so you can gamble wisely on the one after that. Once you’ve established the game’s regulations and your playing style, place a bet. Knowing would surely increase your chances of winning compared to not having any at all.

  • Learn How to Watch And Predict Results.

Usually, the Dragon Tiger result reappears after another, which suggests that a Dragon and sometimes a Tiger may occasionally appear. To put a responsible wager, the player must keep an eye out, note the order of the outcomes, and study the time and rules of the succeeding wagers. After finding the series’ beginning, the player will win the prize in several consecutive games!

  • When playing, pick a dependable dealer.

Most Dragon Tiger players play for leisurely entertainment, and choosing the most renowned house edge will make your leisure time the most complete. Players may typically discover sufficient information regarding the rules, payment methods, and deposit options at reputable house edges. Everything is clear-cut and understandable, and remember that choosing these things offers you a big home edge in the Dragon Tiger game. Dragon and Tiger just demand a little amount of strategy. However, several players matched the previous winner’s bet to seize a run of favourable cards.

Dragon Tiger Real Cash Game Strategies:

  • Count Card Strategy

The Count Card Strategy, as its name suggests, relies only on mental card counting. Despite looking silly and tidy, it is one of the well-known and tried-and-true Dragon Tiger game methods. You must be vigilant and wise to keep track of the cards in Count Card Strategy, and Dragon Tiger makes it easier to keep track of everything because it only needs a few cards. Keeping track of cards while playing the game may seem difficult, but practice makes perfect. Consequently, you’ll pick it up quickly the more you play. You can use this method to avoid a poor draw and postpone entering the game if cards are already drawn, indicating that the following cards will be of lesser value.

  • Martingale Strategy

The main objective of this strategy is to simultaneously increase wagers in each round after the first, which increases your odds of winning by 15% in the third round. Players will occasionally triple their bets in each round to make up for earlier losses in the game. You must remain on the same side during each round. For instance, if you chose to bet on the dragon in the first round, you should continue to do so in all succeeding rounds. Remember that your wager will revert to its initial amount in the subsequent round if you win the round. The wager should be made for a little amount at first.

  • Suit-based Methodology

The main focus of this well-known and tried-and-true Dragon Tiger game strategy is keeping an eye on and tabs on the suits to forecast the following suits and cards. Suit-based strategy requires sharp intellect, a strong mathematical foundation, and long-term memory. You only have to keep track of all the suits that have been played in the game so far and figure out which ones are left in the deck. You can place bets on the cards remaining in the deck by keeping note of the suits that have been played most and least to avoid gambling blind-sided.

  • Last-cards Approach

The core of the Last Cards tested Dragon Tiger game strategy is counting the cards and determining which ones will be used to place bets. Like the count-card strategy, you must read, watch, and keep track of the cards that have already been played to predict the ones that will be dealt with next. It all boils down to a human shuffle mistake, and if lower cards have already been drawn in the past, your odds of drawing higher cards increase. Even though the outcome of each round is unpredictable, it is better to plan than to rely on the chance if you know how many cards are still in the deck. Dragon Tiger is a game of chance, but one must develop an algorithm to win the game. As mentioned above, we’re sure the Dragon Tiger gaming advice will help you succeed. As you play and earn, have fun!


There are online casinos like Tolo247 where you can play Live Dragon Tiger. These websites help play these games quite conveniently. We hope blog has been a guide for your journey to play start playing the Dragon Tiger Game. Remember to play cautiously when you start out and gain some experience, before taking more risk while you play.