Grab these home self-defense products to keep your family safe

Published on: 23/April/2020

Self-defense is the most crucial life skill nowadays. It would be best if you were ready for any attack on yourself or your family. Gradually increasing rates of crime suggest that it is time to train yourself and get some help. Here in this article, we will discuss some handy tools that may help you to stay safe.

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Please note that these tools are multifunctional, and most have a safety certification for fair use. If you use these tools for unfriendly manners or attacking someone, the charges will go against you. There are five apparent elements of self-defense, and one of them is legitimate reasoning of attack. If the proof or witness certification goes against you for using self-defense tools, then the court has the full right to punish you. So, understand your state law about self-defense limits and scroll below to get a clear view of the self-defense tools.

Body armor

The first thing you need to understand is that everyone will not need body armor. Body armors are specialized bodysuits or vests that can protect one from immediate injury. There are four varieties of body armor available in the market. According to the safety layer and formulation, the grading starts from II, IIIA, IIIB, and IV levels. Grade II tumors are soft and tend to bend under pressure. So, you can wear these as your underwear vests. Usually, a grade II vest can protect you from pistol bullets and similar firearms. Point blank range from a 0.350 magnum pistol will not pass through the best. A grade IIIA will hold up to 0.4 magnums, and IIIB can go up to 0.5 magnum power. These are way more solid than the grade II body armors. But, the grade IV armors are the charm in this series. It can hold ballistic firearms from a long-range and firepower too. Law enforcement officers tend to wear it in minefields or active war zones. You certainly do not need grade IV body armor to protect yourself at home.

Chilli powder

Chilli powder is widely famous as a self-defense tool among women. Women carry a small bottle of red chili powder or pepper spray almost always. A small spray directly in the eyes of your offender can teach them a lesson for life. Also, you can buy yourself some extra time to contact the police for protection. Remember, you can do anything for self-defense, but keep your alibi ready for the proceedings. Hair setting spray is a good alternative for pepper spray these days. It is fashionable, and none will question you through the security checks. You can keep it in a bag or purse and ensure your safety anywhere. Nowadays, you will find pepper spray bottles looking like a key ring or lipstick set. It is easier to disguise and carry along with your regular belongings.

Stun guns

It is another essential and influential invention of the self-defense sector. Stun guns can produce hundreds of volts for a short time. It will give a massive shock to make a person immobile or even unconscious. But, the current efficiency is very low to kill or cause fatal damage to a person. So, you can get some extra time to run away or ask for help.

Emergency hyper-whistles

90 decibel is the highest tolerable sound limit in most cities. Mostly it goes for the industrial areas. Residential areas usually have much lower sound limits for typical days. Generally, a nuclear bomb explosion sound goes above one hundred and forty decibels. An emergency hyper-whistle can produce up to a million to five million decibels per minute. It is a loud sound, and usually, the human ear can not perceive it. But, such sounds create enough frequency to lacerate your tympanic membrane and make you deaf temporarily. Usually, law enforcement departments use this gadget to prevent jailbreaks or stop running criminals on the road. You can also buy a whistle on legal grounds if you assume risk to your life.

Tactic pen

Do not underestimate the power of a pen. A tactic pen may look like your everyday ballpen with a filled ink line, but it is way beyond efficient. You can break a bullet-proof glass shield with the pointed tip of a tactic pen. It will help you to evacuate or run away during any emergency. Also, some tactic cells have acid as the ink. You can throw it at your offender to buy yourself some time.

Safety tips and precautions

All the tools, as mentioned earlier, are excellent and efficient to save you from injury. So, you do not need all of the tools to protect yourself. But, make sure to fulfill the first requirement of self-defense before getting tools and creating a ground for the offender. It would be best if you were very careful about your home security system. Do not be naive enough to install only a digital security system. Google Assistant and Alexa are great to respond immediately to any security breach. But, a good hacker knows to trick technology. So, it is always better to keep an old-school alternative on your security layout. Hinges and compact locks are a great way to reinforce your home security. It would be best if you also were very careful while getting your new home. Make sure to do your research and rent a home in a safe neighborhood. If there is any history of tyranny or nuisance, then it is best to avoid the place. If it is not possible, then install a safety net around your home. You can electrify your fence and make sure to put a notice on it for the neighbors. If you have children at home, then we do not recommend this procedure at all. You can install CCTV cameras all around your home and stay alert in this case. Security is important but be aware not to let it be the worst accident of your life.