Gifts That are Perfect for Your Fitness Obsessed Friends

There’s no doubt your fitness friends are raving about their health, what they eat, bodily function improvement, what supplements to take, and overall their productive time staying fit. Little did they know, you’ve been paying close attention. Sure, you can’t remember all of their fitness jargon, but at least you have an idea of what would keep your friends excited. If not, that’s all right too. Whether they’re into rock climbing, cycling mountains in France, or simply if they’re a health nut often carrying a green smoothie, here are a few gifts worth considering for your fitness-obsessed friends.

1. Vegan Gift Basket  

Has your friend ever mentioned their deep connection and sympathy for animals to where they’ve decided to keep them off the dinner table? If so, a vegan gift basket would be perfect for them. Veganism has been around for a long while and still, many companies haven’t gotten the memo. It makes it difficult for vegans to participate in some of the fun foods non-vegans get to enjoy. For example, gift baskets. Usually, gift baskets are assorted with various products containing dairy, eggs, gluten, as well as products tested on animals, which is a no-go for vegans entirely. 

Also, if you’re generally new to assorting a vegan basket, the best way to do it is to think of all the items you’d like or what your friend may like, then replace it with a vegan product. There you have it! With vegan gift baskets, your fitness friend will not only celebrate over a new plant-based product to swear by, but you’ll also rev up their pride and hopes for the livelihoods and well-being of mother earth and animals alike. 

2. CBD

With health and wellness spreading globally, people from all walks of life are becoming more aware of remedies and treatments enabling them peace in mind with health issues. With CBD for energy, being responsible for miraculous benefits, today wellness couches, fitness connoisseurs, and neuroscientists are continuously discovering new impactful ways to include CBD habitually and naturally. 

CBD consists of chemical compounds such as THC found in marijuana and hemp, and just in case you were wondering, it’s legal, but even if that feels trouble you can still come across alternatives to traditional CBD, for example, CBD made from orange peels. Overall the Chemical makeup of CBD is structured in a way where you benefit from its healing properties without psychiatric stimulation–getting high, all of which your fitness friend may already know. CBD is worth the rave in the eyes of anyone experiencing unwanted symptoms traditional health care providers may struggle to eliminate; anxiety, epilepsy, opioid addiction just to name a few. CBD also helps with common day-to-day issues such as inflammation, body aches or arthritis, restlessness, and increases focus. It can be taken orally or applied to the skin.

3. Fitness Gear

It’s safe to say, anyone in the fitness industry practicing an active, healthy lifestyle knows the importance of having appropriate gear to help encourage comforting and productive engagement. It makes a world of a difference, for example, workout gloves for gripping equipment, a lower back brace, or perhaps compression socks.  compression socks can help prevent shin splints, a type of pain caused by torn muscle fibers, or stress on the bone and tendons in the shin area. If your friend enjoys walking, running, dancing or team sports in general, compression socks would be an option of relief, considering a majority of physical activity is done on firm surfaces often leading to shin splints.

medical clothing may not seem ideal, however, today you’ll be able to find fitness gear stylistically made to prevent injury and can be worn like normal day wear. Apart from looks, Fitness gear typically provides comfort during prolonged workouts. Ideally, those that reduce swelling in overworked areas can speed up the healing process where discomfort takes place or begins.

Needless to say, not being able to practice or engage in your favorite activity due to injury can ruin your workout schedule. While healing is necessary, anyone who lives an athletic or fitness lifestyle is fully aware of the beauty of avoiding injuries rather than dealing with them as it occurs.    

4. Smoothie Blender

The most exciting and effective gift for anyone involved in the world of fitness or any form of physical activity is a blender. To be more specific, anyone just getting started on their fitness journey most likely has a blender on their list, aware of the many delicious and health benefits. Blenders allow you to bring your favorite fresh fruits and vegetables together and mix them up with essential vitamins and minerals, (Spirulina, maca roots, turmeric, etc.) to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of the time when you think of a blender the first thing that comes to mind is a protein shake, and here’s why. 

Acquiring protein is extremely essential in the fitness world, and in all honesty, you can’t live without it as it makes up about 20% of the body. In other words, protein plays a huge role in our bodily function. Protein shortages occur when there hasn’t been any recent nourishment in the body often occurring in the morning, and so protein already existing in the body begins to break down to produce energy for the day. That’s why knowing when protein before and after workouts comes in handy.  

The beauty is that you don’t necessarily have to know what type of fitness your friend ritualistically partakes in and still gift them a blender, so don’t worry too much if you find this as an issue. You give a health nut a blender, and they’ll venture off into a world of smoothie recipes best for them.  

5. Book a Massage

If you’re truly trying to impress your fitness friend with a gift, booking a massage will leave them speechless. There is nothing better than having a session waiting for you after a long day of physical fitness or even after leaving the office. Receiving a professional massage can turn your day around and realign the body into pleasant relief, more specifically for athletes and highly active individuals, such a relief for the body can increase healing and induce better performances later on. Stretching and massaging the muscles can be considered as another form of rest. Treated like a reset button to the human anatomy, such release also reduces physical stress and mental stress.   

An appointment with a masseuse will inspire your friend to feel their best self one day at a time. There’s a high chance stretching and any other practices to keep the body agile is well known by just about everyone in the world of fitness, that’s why a professional massage for your friend would have them feeling you truly have their back when it comes to the importance of looking and feeling their best.   

Fitness Gifts: The Gift that Keeps Giving

Fitness gifts are perfect for anyone looking to stay in shape, but more importantly those who have made it a lifestyle. With the right gift, you’ll set your friend up for success as they continue to the life that serves the most. With that being said, any gift supporting an activity lifestyle will often stick around for years to come whether it’s socks or a professional massage, leaving them hooked onto something profoundly beneficial and perhaps life-changing.