Gamification in Casino Gambling and How it Changes Player Experience

Many businesses and industries would go crazy about gamification and how effective it is when it comes to improving the knowledge and loyalty of the consumers and even their employees. Online, many platforms are now using gamification not only to improve user experience but also to promote customer loyalty.

The involvement of gamification may not even be obvious as soon as you land a website. This is unless you already know how this is applied to user experience. When it comes to this, online casinos are not left behind. Even if casino gaming is already part of the process, casino operators and developers still find interesting ways to make their games and even their websites more competitive through gamification.

Sure, you can play Ludo online with real money and already feel like it is already the best of gambling. However, online casinos nowadays just really have so much more to offer. On their end, they always have to come up with different strategies to keep their customers and to gain new ones. This is where gamification could come in.

How Online Casinos are Using Gamification

Some may wonder why gambling companies still need to gamify their services when gambling is already a great form of entertainment. Well, they mainly do this to keep their customers from playing their games and to even want to play more.

Basic gamification on online casinos includes the use of trophies and badges that gamblers can earn as they play more games. Some casinos use leaderboards that work because being competitive is in human nature. Some players would always check the leaderboards to see where they are and their rank would play a crucial role in how many more games they are willing to play and money they are willing to spend.

Aside from these basic gamification techniques, online casinos are now holding tournaments of their own where only their members could participate. They are now also giving more rewards in exchange for more grinding from their customers. They do this by offering daily tasks that players could complete to unlock prizes or bonuses. This way, players are more motivated to try out new games.

There are also casino sites that give all players a chance to be a VIP. The players also have to complete tasks for this within a limited time. How do these gamification techniques benefit the casino? Well, the more people play on their websites, the more money they get as players are likely to spend more.

However, it’s not all bad for the other end of the table. Players can also benefit from this as they could then qualify for more bonuses and could also win more prizes. This also allows them to enter jackpot competitions which could have them win huge payouts.

Overall, the more online casinos gamify their services, the more fun, and excitement that players can experience. This promotes loyalty and keeps players motivated. 

Gamifying Slot Machine Games

Another part of online casinos that have become extremely gamified is slot machines. This may not be obvious for people who haven’t tried playing slots during the early days of online casino gaming. Back then, playing slot machine games are as simple as pushing a button and waiting for the results.

Today, however, slot machine games are more than just waiting for the results of your spin. The use of logic is already applied and some slots even let players complete tasks to level up and unlock more rewards. 

While the slot machine is already a game itself, casino software developers have incorporated more aspects of gaming in a single title. Mini-games that allow people to choose and use certain skills are now part of many slot machine games online nowadays.

There are even online slots games that introduce characters and storylines that players could follow. As the game is played, the next scenes of the story could be unlocked. There are also times that players have to solve puzzles to gain more bonuses.

This is why playing slot machine game these days is no longer a boring activity. Times are simply changing and players are always looking for games that could stimulate their minds. The traditional slot machine game just doesn’t promote competitiveness and it’s something that people can just quit at any given time. Modern slot machine games, on the contrary, make the players look forward to seeing and experiencing more as they play.