Game Shows Haven’t Disappeared. They Are Alive And Well in Online Gaming

Before there were video games, there were game shows. For a few decades, the two were level in popularity. However, video games eventually surpassed game shows like Deal or No Deal. Yet, game shows never really went away. Of course, programs like The Price Is Right are still broadcasting on CBS, but we have also seen through various technological innovations that game shows have found a way to go digital. What’s more, gamers, from casino players to Twitch streamers, still enjoy playing and watching traditional game show programs. 

Game Shows In Online Gaming

Online Casinos Platforms

One of the best ways to see how game shows still have relevance in mainstream online entertainment is through the online casino industry’s use of these classic programs. For instance, when casino operators added the live casino feature in the early 2000s, an opportunity presented itself. Live casino games on platforms like William Hill use real-life dealers who operate in studios, similar to how game shows work. For instance, a game show host will also run the game in a studio in front of an audience. Building on these similarities, casino platforms added live game shows, including Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Deal Or No Deal.

Video Game Streaming Platforms

We can also see game shows in the video game and live streaming market. For instance, the online gaming platform Twitch is famous for having a passion for classic game show programs. Perhaps it is because the American live streaming service has a similar origin story to the game shows that aired in the past.

For instance, aside from video games, Twitch was created to encourage a crossover between traditional games like arcade games (e.g. Pac-Man) and casino games, such as slots. In the same way, the classic game show Starcade was created in the 1980s because people loved arcade games, but there was no crossover with home entertainment. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise when, in 2017, Twitch partnered with Shout! Factory to host a marathon (123 episodes) of Starcade.

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Most recently, we saw Twitch streamer Ludwig launch a Jeopardy-inspired game show. Called Mogul Money, the show ended in December 2021 and featured an impressive lineup of guests in all six episodes. Fans welcomed the game show, drawing more traffic to Ludwig’s Twitch page. However, the show likely would never have come about had Ludwig not grown such a substantial following on Twitch beforehand. It is a great case study of an idea we’ve previously covered: having a social media presence can result in business opportunities. 

Video games have become such a staple in society that many forget there are other gaming niches. What’s more, most of these games were around long before video games. Board games like chess have origins dating back to the 8th century in India, and the first game show aired in 1941. Fortunately, modern video games and the surrounding community has embraced traditional games and game show programs in some form, which means their legacy lives on.