Gambling Superstitions

People have believed in supernatural powers from the dawn of time, even when it comes to the most unusual casino superstitions. People still believe that the supernatural can affect good and bad fortune – also try Asgardian Stones slot.

Some people engage in odd behaviors when playing in casinos to boost their chances of winning. When playing the slots, some gamblers think that warming up a coin by rubbing it between their palms increases their chances of hitting the jackpot. 

Our team of experts has exposed many gambling superstitions around the world. However, the following are a few examples of the weird and extraordinary superstitions you may experience in a casino.

13’s bad luck

Western beliefs about 13 are strong and ominous. There’s no 13th-floor Las Vegas casino hotel. Since the number 13 is connected with misery and ill luck, many hotels in Sin City have no rooms above 13. On Friday the 13th, some players avoid gambling because of the superstitious nature of the day.

Smoking Vulture Brains

South Africa has a weird casino superstition. Traditional medicine and magic practitioners think vulture brain smoke may offer gamblers future visions. As a gift, this practice dates back centuries. Many casino patrons and gamblers have engaged in this bizarre behaviour in the hopes of experiencing a bright future. 

This superstition is foolish and baseless. The technique harms vulture populations, according to Scientific American. Since 2010, the number of breeding pairs of bearded and cape vultures has dropped to less than 400.

Playing slots from different angles improve luck.

It’s not uncommon to see slot machine players seated cross-legged on stools. There’s also the chance that players are desperate to go to the bathroom but don’t want to get up. This could lead to unfortunate accidents in casinos. 

Crossing your legs when playing casino games is a superstition. Some might believe that it might block your body’s luck. People often stand while playing slot machines, assuming that doing so would signal that they’re ready to go, even if they win.

Wear Red

In China, red is considered lucky. Red is the prominent colour for Chinese New Year as if the national flag wasn’t enough. This practice involves red envelopes. 

In China, casinos are banned. The Communist Party outlawed it in 1949. In mainland China, you still can’t go to the Special Administrative Region of Macau, which has the most profitable casinos in the world. Many gamblers wear red for luck. Red underwear is considered fortunate, so they may be wearing it if you don’t see them.

Blown dice

Among board players, this irrational behaviour is particularly common. Surprisingly, it’s the most widespread superstition in the gaming sector. Imagine blowing online dice. Before rolling dice, blow on them. This guarantees that each die functions properly and falls where it should. In many casino movies, players only throw after their companions.

Never enter a casino’s front door.

This is one of the craziest gambling superstitions, yet many people believe it. Many feel entering a casino via the front door reduces their odds. This superstition extends back to Las Vegas, where an MGM casino featured a lion’s jaw-shaped entryway. 

Superstitious gamers avoid this entryway because they assume it’s a beast’s mouth. Many gamblers feared doing so would curse them. 

Some say walking through the front door is bad since they’ll be in close touch with players who have departed (usually due to losing streaks), and their bad luck may rub off on others.

Palms Itching

Did you know itching hands signal money? There are plenty of superstitions surrounding the game of gambling. Some say itching hands mean money gains, while others predict losses. Itchy hands are considered lucky. This concept comes from Native American and African mythology. 

In Bulgaria, itching hands mean ill luck. Serbians disagree. According to the Serbs, itchy hands mean money.