Frequently asked questions on soccer betting

You can play soccer betting on websites like sbobet88 at ease. The following Q&A would help you know the process better.

What is a Match bet in soccer betting?

As everyone would know, a soccer match would end either in a win between the two teams or a draw when both teams score the same goals.If you play a match bet for a soccer game, you would have to choose one of these two options for your bet.

Either you should say that one team is going to win or you should go with a tie.

However, you should keep in your mind that you could not take into account the result brought by the extra time provided during the match after the first 90 minutes.

At times, when it is an important match that requires a result for the league to proceed, there would be extra time given to both teams to score the winning goals when the match ends in a tie.

However, if a team wins that way, the person who had his bet on that team will not get anything. Instead, the person who has said that it is going to be a tie would win. Only the first 90 minutes of the game is considered for the match bet. 

How could you win in a goal-scorer bet?

A goal-scorer bet would let you go with a particular player and predict either the number of goals he would score or the timing of the game he would score a goal.

For instance, you can place a bet for the first player in the day’s game to score a goal for his team. If he scores so, you will win.

Another option would be to predict the goalscorer at a particular time. You can say that a player would score the goal somewhere between 60 to 70 minutes.

If he does so, you will win the payout. Some people would go with the option of the number of goals possible for a particular player to score on that evening.

If your guess for a player is to score three goals on that day, you will win the payout if he manages to score three goals. It does not matter who wins the game. 

What is a draw no bet in soccer betting?

At times, you would get to choose draw no bet as your day’s try in soccer betting.

If you do so, you or none of your opponents could place your bets on a draw as an outcome of the game.

You should choose either of the two playing teams and predict that that team would win.

Once the outcome goes as expected, you will win.

If the other team wins the game, you will lose your bet money. However, when the game ends in a tie, there would be a twist.

All the players who have bet for the game would get their invested money back and no one would win or lose.