Football draw betting strategy: when to use it

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We watch football for the nail-biting tackles, the showboating dribbles and electrifying goals. Whether you are a fan or a punter, you hope the result will be in your favour.

Most punters place bets at on wins or losses but football is not just about these two outcomes. A football team may win, lose or draw.  

Few punters pay attention to draws even though they can be a great opportunity to win some cash. Despite their low probability, they happen and can be taken advantage of.

With the right understanding of probabilities, picking an appropriate league and a great strategy, you can enjoy the fruits of draw betting. Several great betting strategies can help a punter take advantage of draws.

This article will share the probability of winning on draws, tips and what bets you can place when you are ready.

The Probability of a Draw

Football competitions are competitive. Each team participating is always looking to win to increase their chances of winning their league title. This makes the likelihood of a game outcome being a draw much lower.

The great thing is, no matter how hard teams play fr the win, some games end up in a draw. Different leagues have different probabilities for draws based on how competitive they are.  Less competitive leagues have higher probabilities for draws than more competitive leagues.

You will find that lower leagues have higher probabilities for draws than higher leagues. For example, the EPL has a lower probability of draws than League 1, Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2and Serie A and B. According to LSM99, in the 2019/20 season, EPL had 24.20% draws, while League 1 had 28..10% draws.

You will need to do some research before deciding on which leagues are best suited for draw bets. During your research, you should look out for the following:

  1. Whichever league or championship you choose should have great statistics on draws. You want to make sure you have several opportunities. 
  2. Lookout for low-scoring leagues because they have higher likelihoods for draws. 
  3. When betting on two teams, make sure they are of relatively similar strength. Teams that match each other in attack or defensive strength have higher chances for draws. 
  4. The team style of play is a great indicator for draws. Watch out for their attack/defence ratio and their away game tactics.
  5.  The motivation that drives a team at a particular stage of a championship. Teams that play in leagues where they may have accumulated enough points to win the league before the league ends may have less motivation to win games. Teams trying to escape relegation are a bad bet for draws because they are fighting to survive. 
  6. Pay attention to bookmakers.

Strategies for Betting on Draws

There is a football betting strategy for draws for everyone. Depending on your risk affinity, you can choose from less risky to more risky systems. Here they are from the least to most risky:

Backing the draw

Most punters prefer to bet on wins where most of the money goes while less money goes to draws. To attract them to draws, bookmakers inflate the odds for draws up to 3/1. This ensures that even if you get one draw right, you will still earn a profit.

2 out of 5

This is a cumulative bet where a punter bets on five matches that may draw. You can bet on all the doubles through a system bet. To win, you will only need to get two matches right.

Draw/Odd Total

It may be referred to as an odd difference or odd spread. You place two bets, one on a draw and another, on odd total goals.

While most bookies try to prevent this from happening, you can navigate different bookmakers for more opportunities.

Chasing a Draw

Finally, this is also known as Martingale with draw. You bet on one specific team to draw and keep doubling your bet to cover your losses.

The motivation for this kind of bet is that a team will eventually draw. The drawback may be a limited bankroll. Your bankroll may run out before your team draws. 


Draws are the least exciting outcome for football fans. We all prefer a couple of goals between the teams preferably for the one we support. Teams also prefer a win because it brings them closer to their overall goal, the championship trophy and bragging rights.

For punters in football betting, it may not be that important that a team wins or loses. Draws can be a great opportunity to make some profits. If they have the right tools, there are plenty of bets they can place on draws.

Once you have settled on a league with favourable odds for draws, you can choose a football betting strategy for draws. some strategies to choose from include chasing a draw, draw/odd, 2 out of 5 and backing the draw.

With patience, the right football betting bookmaker odds and a betting strategy, you will enjoy some payouts.

With all betting, remember to bet responsibly.