‘Eco-Friendly Styling’ is the new-age mantra, and with Birkenstock, get responsible with your fashion fabrics and style sense. Time to leave a footprint of organic and vegan fashion staples right from the house of the biggest footwear giant around the globe. Ditch the harmful chemicals with Birkenstock’s Vegan Shoes, which provide leather-free footwear in a variety of styles and colours.

Going vegan is a concept that shows your love towards the planet and its creatures, and with sustainable innovations, it is no longer an after-thought. Brands such as Birkenstock are really putting in extreme efforts to create things that feed your fashion hunger without causing any harm to the environment.

Go Leather Free- Breathe Sustainability!

Right from the production to packing, our impeccable brand contributes every inch to bringing out clean resilience. Given the threats of the leather industry, which consumes enormous amounts of energy and releases harmful effluents as a by-product that is one of the leading drivers of land and water pollution in the world, it is past time to abandon leather.

Some Fashion Trends That Scream “VEGANISM” at Birkenstock

The Thong Sandals From Birkenstock—The Finest Blend of Design and Comfort

If one is looking for comfort women sandals and that too crafted in vegetarian leather, then skim through our collection of thong sandals with anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed and soles as comfortable as cushions. Made out of skin-friendly, hard-wearing synthetic material called Birko-Flor, the footwear range is extremely stylish and comfy. It imparts a sophisticated look to your everyday styling with the purity of vegan ethics. These sandals are so realistic looking that they are often mistaken for real leather. Choose your favourite pastel hue to nail that killer look.

Who Can Compete With A Clog For Effortless Swag?

Clogs have risen to prominence as one of the best footwear options for pandemic survival. They perform similarly to slippers (comfortable and easy to slip on), but with an elevated style (and height) and soles that are durable enough to wear for long hours. Engineers, doctors, teachers, as well as cooks and anybody else who stands all day depend on them. They seem cool, like a cross-build between casual and formal. From the trendy ones worn by celebrities to the hippie-inspired styles loved by males and females alike, Birkenstock has encoded the style in its unique form.

●       Clogs for Men

A pair of men’s black clogs is everybody’s favourite as they are easy to wear, versatile and also keep your feet happy with their softness and comfort. Our brand’s classic and seamless style offers all-around protection and grip for the foot thanks to its flat heel part. With the monsoon season approaching, bring home a pair of dirt and water resistant shoes made from 100% cruelty-free, sustainable, and vegan materials such as polyurethane (PU) that imparts a leather-like appearance. So if you are looking for men’s clogs online, you know where to look for veritable classics!

●       Clogs for Women

The clog collection at Birkenstock is not restricted to a few simple designs and a handful of colours. Rather, we have created different styles of footwear for both men and women. Available in synthetic leather or Felt-Polyester-Mix, these Birkenstock quick-selling shoes are affordable, classy, clean and understated in appearance. So don’t think twice before wearing it to the next official meeting. These also make for the most adorable work shoes for women.

Thong Sandals- Casual Yet Classy

Girls are, in particular, quite conscious of what they wear before they step out. So no matter if it’s a corporate meeting or a visit to a local grocery store, our Flat Sandals for Girls are a genuine classic that combines optimum grip with a minimalist, fashionable design. The microfiber footbed lining offers a gentle touch, and you can adjust the metal buckle for size. The slippers are constructed entirely of our skin-friendly, durable synthetic material, Birko-Flor.

Get Responsible-Go Vegan!

Veganism is a lifestyle, not just a trend. Veganism isn’t only about what you eat; it’s also about how you live your life. Vegan options are available for everything from footwear to clothing to beds. The lifestyle of veganism necessitates things that can be used in every area of it. Is veganism part of your lifestyle? If so, you’re definitely searching for shoes that are vegan-friendly as well, Birkenstock has the finest collection to offer. As you may be aware, vegan footwear contains no animal ingredients at all, so you may rest easy, knowing that no animals were injured in the creation of your footwear.