Five Things to Know About Poppers

Why are they called poppers?

The term poppers is a slang name for a range of psychoactive chemical drugs known as alkyl nitrites. It is, in particular, an inhalant drug called amyl nitrite. They have a solvent smell marketed as deodorizers or room aromas though that is not their purpose. Poppers UK can also be called butyl nitrites, heart medicine, liquid gold, and room deodorizers. The word ‘poppers’ was created and started to be used in the 60s. At this time, amyl nitrite was sold in capsules as medicine for the heart, either ‘popped’ or cracked in the fingers to release the chemical.

How can they be used incorrectly?

Poppers work quickly. You should not inhale poppers directly from the bottle. They produce a nearly instant rush or high, warm sensational feeling that causes dizziness. The effect comes fast after inhaling the drug, an effect that lasts for a few minutes or seconds. Some may find the effect pleasurable, while others find it unpleasant and disorienting. Poppers act as vasodilators which causes the blood pressure to drop rapidly, resulting in a brief loss of consciousness, lightheadedness, and loss of muscle strength. One also speeds the heart even though the person consuming them is relaxed. 

Continued use of poppers causes headaches, and the intraocular pressure increases. Inhaling poppers directly from the bottle can also be irritating, triggering allergic reactions which may cause difficulty in breathing. One can experience skin irritation around the nose, lips, face, and mouth when the user inhales poppers directly from the bottle. You should not also ingest poppers under any circumstance since it is not safe in any way. It can cause blindness, organ failure, brain damage, or even death.

Why are they popular?

Poppers had received media interest, especially when the UK Government banned legal highs such as laughing gas, spice, and mephedrone. Before then, poppers were not receiving any media attention. There are some misconceptions about the use of the drug and the legality and the safety of users. Poppers are also common in the gay community, where they facilitate sex by helping relax muscles. They have also been used for recreation for many years in clubs to enhance the music and get high, thus making them popular.

The side effects of poppers

The use of poppers causes several side effects. Those that inhale poppers directly experience skin irritation around the are areas they are exposed to poppers. However, after a few days of not using poppers, the skin heals, mainly after seven to ten days. Poppers also cause allergic reactions, which cause difficulty in breathing, especially if you are using scented poppers. The perfume they have may trigger allergic reactions. Poppers also cause severe or mild headaches. Furthermore, poppers have been known to cause eye damage to specific users.

Are poppers legal in the UK?

Despite whether poppers are legal after the ban of some substances in 2016, poppers are legal in the UK. Countries such as Canada and France have banned the sale and distribution of poppers. The countries have banned poppers due to the health dangers it has to the users.