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Piracy has been one of the main reasons behind the loss of creators lately. May it be movie makers or talk shows and web series, most of the expected revenue gets diverted by the illegal websites which provide them free of cost. Well, netizens also encourage such free websites out of curiosity.

But the effects of the presence of such websites have been in buzz lately due to the sudden rise of viewers and platforms in the last 2 years. As per the recent statistics, more than 6% of the expected revenue for genuine creators has been grabbed by such illegal sites.

Besides, it has been easy for such sites to copy the movie as most of the newly released were on the OTT platforms. But, some websites took the piracy content to the next level by providing HD content of the new releases. One such website is filmy4wep which is gaining insane popularity among netizens for the latest movies in HD quality.

Filmy4wep and its insane popularity among Netizens

The name filmy4wep is ruling the internet world as a piracy website that allows users to download newly released pirated movies. It comes among the top illegal sites having a large collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, and Sandalwood movies and web series, etc.

One can see the latest movies on the same morning of the theatrical release and the same follows for web series on OTT platforms as well. They keep on updating the site every single day by adding every new trending show and movie to keep the audience engaged with their site.

As a result, viewers keep on increasing on every new release of talk shows, web series, and movies. Not only this, it has now become the one-stop platform for netizens as they don’t need any paid subscriptions from the authorized OTT platforms.

Is the filmy4wep website going to stop in India?

Indian Government is trying its best to ban such illegal websites that steal content from authorized creators without permission. The rules and regulations are even strict now after the Cinematography act came in 2017. But, despite facing continuous bans from Government and Internet service providers the notorious websites keep on doing their work to earn illegal revenues.

The common ways for such illegal returns on the internet include changing domain name extensions and mirroring the site.

Not only the website and the authorities, but even netizens are also finding new ways to reach filmy4wep to enjoy the latest release for free. Besides, those techniques of using the loopholes spread quickly on social media, thus increasing the number of users faster than expected.

Can the website handlers or viewers be arrested?

Many producers, directors, and the crew of the industries lodged complaints against such sites to stop them from free releases. As per the IT Act, 2008 and the Copyright Act, 1957 the people involved in the infringement will be sentenced to jail and are liable for compensation as well.

Apart from this,  the act depicts that even the people who support such infringements should also face the same punishment if caught. Well, as it is impossible to reach all those viewers who are supporting piracy sites, only the website management and the people who copy the movies can be caught.

Filmy4wep is quite popular among south Indian movies like Telugu and Tamil and has a vast audience from the south too. Thus, there have been numerous cases from the directors on such sites. But, Filmy4wep is still active out there delivering piracy content.

Why should the viewer be punished for watching piracy content?

Whether it is a movie or a web series, such content contains a watermark resembling a notice that it is copyrighted work. Thus, the court will assume that the viewer has opened the site and downloaded the content knowing that it is illegal.

The fine ranges between 50,000 rupees and $2, 00, 00 depending on the case scenario. Therefore, it is high time that the netizens realize that it is a criminal act and by encouraging such websites they are encouraging a kind of crime on the internet.

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