Fake Chewing Tobacco and Herbal Smokeless Tobacco

Herbal smokeless tobacco is any substance that replicates forms of smokeless tobacco, but it does not comprise either tobacco and nicotine or tobacco while also preserving nicotine. To keep yourself safe and enjoy the same taste as original tobacco, try fake chewing tobacco.

Another alternative is CBD, the second most predominant of the active elements of cannabis. It is directly obtained from the hemp plant. CBD is used by humans and animals. Surprisingly, you will find CBD for dogs to be the most common.

Adult dippers have used all kinds of herbal chew, herbal snuff, mint leaf snuff, and other things to avoid dipping. If you’re considering the best smokeless substitute that is 100% nicotine-free, try the various types of fake chewing tobacco available.

You will appreciate an authentic and satisfying dipping experience with various uplifting tastes of nicotine-free herbal chew to select from. Some good flavors include cherry, citrus, and grape.

There are brands out there that provide you with satisfaction and an authentic taste of the dip in products like herbal tobacco. Trying these would be a helpful idea. Some of their common ingredients are: 


  • Molasses


It contains the lowest sugar content of any sugar cane product. It also contains needed vitamins and minerals, including iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and selenium.


  • Cayenne pepper


Cayenne pepper is used to enhance flavor and create the satisfying “burn” that dippers appreciate with a traditional snuff product.


  • Corn Silk


The corn silk creates the same mouth-feel as traditional snuff and is high in quite a few dietary nutrients, including vitamin K.


  • Kudzu root


Kudzu root is used to improve the texture of the chew alternative and goes very well with the corn silk for an authentic feel. 

You can also use subtypes of herbal tobacco.


  • Herbal Dipping Tobacco


Herbal dipping tobacco or moist herbal snuff is a tobacco-free and (often) nicotine-free form of moist snuff, a tobacco drug used orally by putting either a loose or poached shape along the gum line behind the lip. Certain products, although tobacco-free, can also contain nicotine, while others are totally free of tobacco and nicotine. 


  • Herbal Snus


Herbal snus is a smoke-free and nicotine-free replacement for snus, spitless tobacco in either loose or poached shape, usually positioned along the gum line under the upper lip. It is most commonly found in Sweden.

Snus has not been fermented. While used in the same manner as American dip tobacco, snus does not usually result in spitting, and it is steam-pasteurized.

Loose snus is a wet powder that can be segmented and packed into a cylindrical or spherical shape with a fingertip or a purpose-made cylindrical unit. The end product is often stated as a pris, buga, perilla, or prel.

How Effective Are These?

Many people attempting to stop smoking have been ineffective in maintaining abstinence because they did not use the right product.  In clinical trials of smokeless tobacco patients, tobacco abstinence rates are 25 percent – 35 percent at one year. Self-denial rates are expected to be lower for smokeless tobacco patients who are leaving on their own. Hence, using alternatives can be a great way of quitting it, as it satisfies your cravings until you do not have them anymore.