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Despite having strict laws and considered a criminal act, copyrighted materials are prevailing all over India. There are thousands of sites available on the internet that provides free access to tons of movies, web series, and talk shows. Not only these but there are also many active sites that provide free movies on the same day of release.

Piracy of web series and movies makes the movie-making industry suffer a great loss as most of the targeted audience turn towards free accessibility from paid ones. Besides, netizens always wait to watch the latest releases out of curiosity and the news spread over social media. Well, the demand of the netizens is the only reason that encourages such illegal websites to get on the internet.

As a result, the piracy rate has been in a rapid growth lately, mainly amidst pandemic as many movies were released on the OTT platform. One such site that has been popular among netizens in these two years is Extramovies 2021.

Popularity of Extramovies 

There are few illegal movie download site that operates all over the world with millions of users. Extramovies is one of those websites with a huge collection of movies from almost every known language. One can find Hollywood, Tollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, sandalwood, and even dubbed movies for free on entering these sites.

Apart from those industries which are common in almost every such illegal site, Extramovies tend to provide even Punjabi, Marathi, and animated movies, etc. Besides, it is the one-stop platform for all kinds of web series and talk shows with a user-friendly interface and readily available options.

Furthermore, one can easily search for the required movie or web series using the most efficient search engine for every genre.

With all those benefits, Extramovies is undoubtedly counted among the top sites in India. Even, the ISPs of India have blocked the accessibility to this site. But, netizens find their way to such sites using VPNs and proxies every time. Even the site has been notoriously uploading by keeping on changing the domain names without any fear of government.

Why there is no stop to Extramovies yet?

Extramovies. casa stands at 11,004th Global Alexa rank, which makes it popular than many renowned OTT platforms in India. gives this rank based on the approximate traffic data collected by it. But, such whopping numbers definitely boost those webmasters to keep on doing their illegal deeds.

One of the main reasons behind the active presence of Extramovies is the income they earn from the site. As per, it has an estimated worth of over USD 2,303,200 based on the search engine ranking and ever-increasing public traffic. Thus, the webmasters never back down to provide the netizens with the movie or web series on the release date.

Criminal charges for infringement 

India has strict rules and regulations for the piracy of movies, talk shows, and web series. Besides, such infringement or support to it is considered a criminal act with huge compensation and sentence to Jail as well. Although Extramovies has been blocked by ISPs, it keeps on appearing on mirror pages proxies to avoid prosecution.

Not only this, even renowned producers and directors from different industries have lodged a complaint against this illicit site. But, there is no complete end to its activities mainly due to the availability of lots of ways to deliver the movies that the public is curious about.

Besides, social media is being the medium to spread such sites lately among netizens through memes and direct links. So, even if it is banned, there is no end to its activities on the internet.

India’s place on Extramovies search interest

We may see some strict algorithms from Google to prevent such sites from being active. But, as India stands in 3rd place on the Worldwide Google trends analysis of search interest of Extramovies, it is quite a challenge to stop it soon.

But, the estimated worth of the site gives a crystal clear information about the loss caused to genuine creators all over the world. Such a number discourages movie makers to deliver the best of their imagination both on theatres and OTT platforms.

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