Exploring Thailand – Is Gambling Widely Spread In Thailand

Gambling is a widespread activity in Thailand. Despite being declared an illegal activity, no one is oblivious to the gambling truths of the country. Tourists from all over the world, be it businessmen or even top actors, can be seen here having the time of their life. There is no best time to be here. You can fly in whenever you wish to have fun. 

Thailand earns a lot of tourist revenue because of its casinos, massage parlors, and clubs. A bunch of foreign businessmen has invested in the country and constructed some luxurious hotels. And these hotels have proven to be the gateway to earn hefty profits.  

If you are thinking of visiting Thailand, you should leave out various things about the country and its gambling background. If you are a gambler and want to play casino games online, you should choose one from this list.

Is Gambling a Sin in Thailand?

Although the country seems like a bachelor’s pad to the outsiders, the locals are quite religious. There are plenty you can find, even in Bangkok, who keep an orthodox mindset and lead a simple living. Thailand follows Buddhism, which promotes simple and peaceful living. 

The religious teachings of Gautam Buddha include everything that gambling isn’t. This is one of the reasons why gambling is looked down upon by the locals of the country. Despite strict laws, new casinos and parlors open now and then in the country. 

This infuriates the orthodox Thai even further as no action is being taken against such illegal activities. The opening of gambling stations, casinos, and clubs has disrupted the religious ambiance of this Asian country. 

Another major problem that comes along with gambling is womanizing. Many roads and alleys around casinos have become hotspots for tourists to pick up girls. As tourists are ready to pay any amount to the local women, many have turned this into a full-time job. Such activities have turned the ambiance of the country vulgar.

What Do Buddhists Think of Gambling?

Buddhism speaks strongly against gambling and other activities related to it. Gambling is considered a serious crime in Buddhism, and only sinners participate in it. Buddhism believes that gambling is bad morally and economically. Although no script states Lord Buddha was against gamble, this does not mean Buddhism encourages it in any way.

Followers of Buddha make sure to keep their distance from clubs and casinos. They also consider them and globalization as having a bad influence on Thailand’s cultural heritage. 

What religions allow gambling?

The most popular and widely followed religions worldwide are Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. When we consider the teachings of these religions and try to connect them to the modern world, we get to know what kind of activities they encourage and what they don’t. 

In all the religious scripts that people follow, gambling has been strictly discouraged. No religion popularly supports gambling as it exploits and hampers the economy of an individual.

Where do Thai people gamble online?

There are a plethora of casinos that have converted their business into an online service. You will find plenty of options there to choose from. You can should definitely try playing slots in Gclub. Many locals gamble online from their smartphones. 


Thailand has many faces, and gambling is one of them. Tourists love visiting the country to enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable time without worrying about the future. However, make sure to be very careful while gambling as the rules and regulations of the country are strict. If caught online or locally, you may get in big trouble.