Evolution Brings Out a Live Version of Andar Bahar

Live casino game developer Evolution has announced a new addition to their portfolio, with the classic Indian card game Andar Bahar. This is an updated version of the game with additional features like side bets and multipliers.

What Is Andar Bahar?

It’s a very simple game of chance that was played in Bengaluru before spreading out to other parts of India. The dealer takes a single card from a pack completely at random, which becomes the joker card. They then divide the cards into two piles on either side of the table, which are known as Andar and Bahar.

The winning pile is the one that has a card that matches the joker. Therefore, the player wins if they correctly predict which one it will appear in. The simple appeal of this game meant that it soon became popular all over India and has now reached online casinos as well.

What Is the Evolution Game Like?

This new game is called Super Andar Bahar. While it sticks to the classic gameplay in many respects, Evolution has added some interesting new features. Players still bet on the Andar or Bahar side of the table, but this online version adds in ten side bets.

Up to five multipliers reaching as high as 4,000x can be won on the side bets, which are based on when the joker card will come out. The Evolution press release for Super Andar Bahar also revealed that a version of Teen Patti will be released later in 2022.     

Todd Haushalter is the Chief Product Officer at Evolution, and he called this version of the Indian card game “super special”. He went on to say that the original is a great game but that they couldn’t resist the chance to add some extra spice to it with the side bets and “astronomically high multipliers”.

How Casino Games Have Moved Online

The launch of Super Andar Bahar by Evolution is a further indication of the powerful trend for traditional casino games going online. It joins roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and many other centuries-old games that are now available in numerous online casinos that operate around the planet.

Part of the reason for the success of this industry when going online can be seen in the details of the latest iGaming platform providers, which can be customized and come with an integrated bonus engine with multiple options. Operators can also access a real-time data analytics dashboard that helps them to carry out their marketing strategies effectively.

Since there are so many different card and table games that are popular around the planet, it seems likely that developers like Evolution continue to bring out new titles to attract players. Andar Bahar is sure to increase its appeal in the Indian market, while the upcoming release of Teen Patti should help them to gain more followers here.

Super Andar Bahar is a good example of how a classic casino game can be updated for modern times, and it’ll be interesting to see what other games are converted into online versions in the future.