Everything you want to knowing about shroom

Not all mushrooms are psychedelic but those containing psilocybin are psychedelic and are used to cure depression and other health problems. If you are curious to know about ‘shrooms’ and their benefits, then Keep reading this post. 


If you ask people who have consumed magic shrooms they will tell you how it changed their life. This type of mushroom creates a hallucinogenic effect and this is caused because of the component psilocybin present in them. This drug in the shrooms is gaining interest from researchers as it shows a positive effect in treating depression as well as addiction. 

From 1970 this drug was classified as scheduled 1 illicit drug. This drug has no history of being used for medical use in the U.S. But somehow it is gaining interest because of its potential benefits in treating major depression. 


Magic mushrooms have been used for a long time, say 10,000 years, in medical and spiritual rituals for their ability to trigger mystical experiences and alter consciousness. It was in America a banker named R. Gordon Wasson, who was a mushroom enthusiast, went on vacation with his wife in Mexico and became the first outsider to indulge in Mazatec Indian mushroom ritual. They brought some of these mushrooms to New York and shared their experience in a Life magazine article in 1957. At that time LSD was being studied for treating alcoholism. But this drug is more potent than shrooms. 

After 3 years two psychologists from Harvard- Richard Alpert and Timothy Leary started working on how cognition, emotion, and perception was impacted by psychedelic drugs. They began the Harvard psilocybin project where they administered students with psilocybin and documented its effects. But Leary and Alpert started tripping while carrying out their project which got them fired in 1963. 

In 1970 many states started banning the use of this psychedelic mushroom and passed an act- controlled substance act where LSD and psilocybin were classified as schedule 1 drugs. 

In 2018 FDA looked into studies where psilocybin showed the ability to treat depression and therefore designated it as a breakthrough therapy. 

How does a magic mushroom work on brains?

It is still not completely clear how psilocybin triggers changes in behavior and mood however it is known that when someone consumes this drug their brain communicates in a way different than it is programmed as said by Micheal McGee who is a psychiatrist at Atascadero state hospital. 

Psilocybin works by activating the serotonin receptor in the brain and changes perception and cognition. Hallucinogens work in different regions of the brain and regulate panic responses and arousal.

After ingestion, the gut absorbs psilocybin and converts it into psilocin. The effect of hallucination starts to develop within 30 minutes and will remain for 4 to 6 hours. The effect can last for a long period and depends on the thought patterns and sensory perception of an individual. 

How psilocybin is consumed? 

Shrooms are brown or tan in color and small in size. They are taken dried or with edibles like tea. The food item makes the taste of shrooms bearable. Manufacturers crush the mushrooms and convert them into edibles or make them in capsules or tinctures. The users can consume it the way they like depending on their choice. 

Capsules are best as then you can have control over dosing whereas edibles are good for someone who wants to get better taste. The effect of shrooms varies depending on growing conditions, origin, species, and harvest period. 

Psilocybin is not sold in its real name but sold under the name- zoomers, shrooms, boomers, purple Passion, mushies, little smoke, cubes, simple Simon, etc. 

Effect of magical shrooms- 

The effect of psilocybin is identical to LSDs. They have effects like intense mood changes, alterations of perception. Other effects are- spiritual awakening, euphoria, drowsiness, paranoia, yawning, vomiting, muscle weakness, and so on. 

How to purchase shrooms online? 

Find a reliable dispensary- if you know someone in your friend or family using shrooms ask them about dispensaries selling shrooms. If not, then find different dispensaries online that sell shrooms. Now to know if the shop is reliable or not read about the page, their address, and license details. 

Reviews also make it easier to decide which dispensary will be best for purchasing shorts. Once you find the shop the next thing is to check its products. 

Products- shrooms are available in different strains and the individual who doesn’t know anything about strains should first learn about it. If you will type in the strain name you will be able to search different details of the strains and it’s used. 

Now check the strains sold at the store and compare the price and ingredients of shrooms offered in different dispensaries. Compare and choose suitable products which can benefit you without any side effects. It is important to note the beginners face some mild side effects on using shrooms. 

Delivery– now that you have found the shroom you want to buy; you have to find details about whether it is shipped in your area or not. Ask your dispensary about what is shipping charges and how much time it takes to deliver. Are the details of the customer are shared with other parties? These questions will allow you to understand the delivery process deeply. 

Returns and exchanges– if you have found a defective product or issues then you would want to return the product or exchange it. Check if the dispensary offers such services and if they offer then what is the period of return and exchange. Are there any charges involved in exchange or return? 

Payment- in some countries there is a limit on how much you can buy this drug and so you should Read information related to that. Then to make payment make sure to use secure and most reliable payment source. Keep the bills of payment if you intend to return or exchange the product. 

Therefore, now that you understand how to purchase shrooms online. Pick the most suitable product from the shop and add it to the card and check out. Track the order and when it reaches you, read dosing details and follow the instruction to experience the full effect of shrooms.