Esports betting has grown fast over the years owing to the lucrativeness of the market. Not only do punters have access to several events in a day, but they also reduce their capital investment by cashing in on wagers and ongoing promotions. Moreover, the payouts are high as the odds are pretty competitive due to the lack of clear winners. There is almost always a chance that the seeming underdog could win the match. And that’s where the beauty of esports live betting comes into the picture. If things do not work out as expected, you can always change your prediction to align with reality.

We discuss the aspect of live betting in esports and why it has become so crucial to professional esports betting:

Advantages of Esports Live Betting

In the past, punters would place their bets before a match and wait until the event’s end to know their fate. If they watched the match and realized they were losing, they could not do anything about it. Live betting changed the betting arena by offering punters a way to recover from losses or even capitalize on their wins. It allowed punters to place wagers as matches ensued, making it easier for them to act based on the realities of the match.

So, how did this help, and how can it work in your favor?

  1. Improved Statistics

Often, people place wagers based on the past performances of teams. They will compare the teams, assess how they have performed against each other and other teams, and use this data to place a bet. However, while such research helps you make an objective bet, it is not always reliable. It does not offer insight into the current state of the teams. So, you might back the team that seems to have the upper hand, only for you to realize mid-game that the underdog has the better chance.

Live betting accounts for several things that could go wrong in any esports event, e.g.,

  • A key player could be sick, tired, or may have suffered injuries – yes, injuries also exist in esports and can be disastrous,
  • A team may not be highly motivated to win a game as they may have set their sights on something bigger. This lack of motivation is sometimes palpable in friendly games, and punters can lose money after backing a team heavily,

Live betting allows you to view the teams based on facts rather than past statistics. You can tell which team has the upper hand, which can help you place wagers on the outcome and other betting options a bookie may provide.

  1. Higher Payouts

As you view a live match, you become more aware of the factors in favor and against your preferred team. That helps you predict more accurate outcomes. For example, if a key player seems to be having difficulty keeping up in the game, you can wager against their team. The more money you invest against that team, the likelier you will walk away with a big payout.

Moreover, the odds change fast in live betting. So, you can wait for when they will likely pay out a considerable amount and make your move. Some of the odds in live betting are not available in pre-game betting, which makes live betting the more lucrative option. Besides, you will not be making blind bets and will instead be following the lead set by the teams.

The best part about live betting, besides the better payout, would be the entertainment aspect. It is much like trading in the stock market, where you glue your eyes to the figures and wait for the right minute to invest. Moreover, the esports market revenue is expected to rise, which means that we can also expect expansion of the esports live betting opportunities. 

As much as the stakes are high, the adrenaline that flows through your system is enough to keep you pumped for weeks.