Eight New Backpage Alternative

Cars, electronics, jobs, events, and second-hand goods were just some of the many things offered on Backpage, one of the most popular classified advertising websites. Having said that, Backpage has also developed into the most prominent online marketplace for advertising sexual services. Because of this, in April 2018, the website in question was taken offline by the Department of Justice in the United States. Here are some of the alternatives to backpage. Backpage is as useless as a doornail at this point. People are constantly looking for new backpage replacement methods to state their hedonistic appetites, and the entertainment industry is happy to provide them. 

Those who use Backpage as a supplementary dating site or to find escort companions are either very eager to get laid or very desperate to find escort partners.

  • Gumtree

If real estate and vehicles are your key areas of interest, then Gumtree may be a new backpage alternative because it caters to those specific niches. You can quickly post a free classified ad on Gumtree once you have created an account on the website. You can discover just about anything on Gumtree, from luxury automobiles to a simple pair of slippers. The site is incredibly diverse. It is important to note that Gumtree is a website based in the United Kingdom and that after the closure of Backpage, Gumtree gained an enormous amount of popularity. Gumtree does not support personal ads, which is one of the website’s drawbacks.

  • Bedpage

Bedpage is a great option for people who live in the United States, Canada, Europe, or the Middle East as an alternative to the website Backpage. This website offers classified services, and the user interface is very reminiscent of Backpage’s. Bedpage is excellent for both buyers and sellers because it has clearly defined areas, and it also allows users to publish under several categories. It is important to be aware that Bedpage requires a minimum payment of $2 to submit a single ad. If you pay an additional fee, your advertisements can even be moved to the top of the rankings. Last but not least, Bedpage is protected from con artists.

  • Tinder

Tinder is a well-known dating application that is sure to amaze you if you are searching for casual hook-ups, dates, or even serious partnerships. This new Backpage alternative has more than sixty million users signed up for its service. Tinder can separate itself from the competition because of its array of free-to-use services, including native smartphone apps and conventional messaging.

  • Oodle

Oodle is one of the oldest classified ad aggregators still in operation. This website, which began operations in 2004, scrapes thousands of results from a variety of other websites based on the search keywords that you provide. You can compare the prices that are offered on many websites for a specific product by using Oodle. In addition to that, Oodle allows you to examine the similarities and differences between other online classifieds websites. Oodle has a very simple user interface. Last but not least, Oodle offers advertising the opportunity to receive a listing for their company through a partnership program.

  • OkCupid

If you utilized Backpage primarily as a website for forging connections with potential romantic partners, then OkCupid might be the ideal new backpage alternative for you. You may begin swiping through hundreds of profiles on OkCupid as soon as you have created an account on the website, uploaded an appealing profile photo, and written an interesting bio about yourself. One comparison that can be made is between your profile on OkCupid and a personal ad posted on Backpage. 

After the two parties have formed a connection with each other, they can begin texting one another. OkCupid is accessible not only through its website but also through downloadable applications for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. If you change your location, OkCupid will show you various profiles to browse. If we look at OkCupid as a whole, we may say that it is the new Backpage.

  • Wall Classifieds

Wall Classifieds is the most suitable alternative to Backpage at the moment. You won’t have any trouble purchasing or selling anything when you use Wall Classifieds. Wall Classifieds does an excellent job of dividing the many products and services it offers into distinct categories such as automobiles, education, real estate, animals, physical fitness, and many others.

On this website, you can make purchases by utilizing the filters for the city and the category. On the homepage of Wall Classifieds, there is a straightforward button that users can click to publish a free advertisement on the website. Concerning drawbacks, Wall Classifieds directs consumers to the PayPal checkout page to coerce them into upgrading to the more expensive premium membership. Wall Classifieds is an excellent website, and it features a user interface that is very well created.

  • Facebook

You did get it properly the first time! Facebook, the most widely used social media platform, also functions quite well as a suitable alternative to the website Backpage. You’ll have no trouble buying and selling items when you use this well-regarded social networking platform. You can look for and join various buy and sell groups on Facebook based on the area in which you are located as well as the subject matter that interests you. The Explore menu is where you’ll find these different groups to join.

In addition, Facebook gives you the option to communicate with the vendor directly to arrange the details of your transaction. After you have joined a community, you will have the ability to publish advertisements for your product within that group. Facebook, just like Backpage, can be used to search for or post available jobs. In general, Facebook is one of the strongest alternatives to Backpage, making it a strong contender for this accolade.

  • Locanto

Another alternative to Backpage is the website called Locanto. This website offers free classified advertisements in over 60 different countries across the world. On Locanto, similar to other websites on our list, users can post advertisements for a wide variety of goods and services, including employment, real estate, autos, and furniture. When you’re on the go, the native Android and iOS applications that Locanto offers could come in handy.