Earn Real Money from Online Quizzes

Quizzes are a great way for gaining knowledge, learning and remembering new information. But what is even better is that you can earn real money from online quizzes out there.

This means you can have double the benefits from your favorite activity. When you are earning from doing what you like the most, what else could be better than that?

So here we have brought to you the best options that you can use to earn hard cash. All you need to do is get your handheld device and get these applications. Open them, participate in the contests and cash will be in your wallet.

This is true and is a successful business model for the app that is giving you money. So there is no chance of fraud or misappropriation of your funds. They earn from the ads displayed on the app that you use and interact with. This way you get a share of that money.


So if you are serious about earning real money from online quizzing apps, this is the first you should go to. With a simple user interface and genuine sharing of income that can instantly be credited to your account. It will give you no trouble while getting your hard-earned money.

Here you will get challenges after every hour or every half an hour and if you answer them correctly, you will get paid. The criteria are very simple. You have to sign up and you are asked to select the topics that you want to test your knowledge.

This could be history, current affairs, science, sports, Bollywood, or any other subject or field you are interested in and comfortable with. Each question here will carry four options with one the correct one. Additionally, occasional challenges pay you more.


This app hosts a number of quiz games. Each day at exactly 8:30 PM Indian Standard Time, you can participate and claim the rewards that include 5000, or a mega quiz that gives 200,000 INR at the end of each month.

This does not count several mini-quizzes that you can participate in to earn an extra life or get 1000 rupees home. If you are asking how it works. The rules are simple. You get a total of 10 questions to answer.

Each option has 3 choices and you get a total of ten seconds to make your choice. If you stick to the end, you will share the prize with others who have done the same. But if your name is among the top 2 fastest participants, you will be given an additional Rs. 1000.


This application has an extensive platform tweaked for the purpose. A trivia and quiz game show, Loco has 1:30 PM on weekdays and 10 PM every other day ten questions for you.

When you get all the answers right in the contest, you will be a winner eligible to get money. This amount varies from day to day, the more successful participants, the more parts it gets divided into. 

But beware, if you get a single answer wrong, you will be eliminated from the completion this time and will have to try your luck next time. With each question lasting only 10 seconds, you can refer friends and get a lifeline, in case.


This is another live quizzing platform that you can use if you want to earn real money from online quizzes. Here you will be given a total of 11 questions at 7:30 PM where you have ten seconds each to answer.

But what is better than other similar platforms is that you can use two lifelines in a single contest. So this means, that if you make two wrong choices, you will still have a chance to make it, using this lifeline.

These lifelines could be purchased or earned by referring JustPlay to your friends. Once you win the money it is credited to your online Paytm wallet or bank account, from where you can withdraw the cash easily.


This is another Loco-like application with similar methods and mechanics. You can see the number of total participants competing in real-time with you. So what do you need to do to earn money here?

It is very simple. Here you will have 11 questions to answer correctly. Each question will last for only ten seconds on the screen during which you will have to make the right choice from the options given there. If you can recall the cheat code, that is shared 10 minutes before the game start, you can definitely win.

There is a total of three options to choose from. Give a wrong answer and you will be eliminated from the contest unless you have a lifeline to save you. There is only one chance in a single game to use a lifeline. If you are lucky and knowledgeable, give correct answers, and you will have a share of the total pool of money.


Earn real money from Online Quizzes and it is possible today with many online applications just built for this purpose. Tell us which one is your favorite by commenting in the section below.