Dutch Gambler’s Guide to Choosing an Online Casino for the Best Gambling Experiences

The online gambling market in the Netherlands is about to open soon, and many Dutch gambling enthusiasts are waiting for it. If you’re one of them, here are all the tips you should know about choosing the right online casino to play with. 

Dutch casino enthusiasts who have been waiting for the opportunity to play casino games online should know that the waiting is over. The Netherlands will finally have its own legal and regulated online gambling market starting October 1st, which will benefit the economy, players, and providers altogether. 

The new market will be opened thanks to the Dutch Remote Gambling Act, which has passed just a few months ago, at the beginning of the year. The Act has finally made it to the point where it will become a reality after being pushed back for over a year. 

Now, Dutch players can get excited about the idea of playing games like slots, poker, roulette, and more, right from the comfort of their own home, at any time they want. And, this opportunity will be provided by no less than 40 online casino game providers who are expected to apply for a gambling license granted by KAS, the regulatory body of games of chance and luck in the Netherlands. 

So, the variety of choices is wide enough for you to find that one casino that meets all your needs and preferences. But, how do you know which casino to choose and why? Our guide helps you learn how to choose an online provider of casino games that will help you have the best gambling experiences. 

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/vBpd607jLXs

Check the trustworthiness of the online casino.

The number one thing you should check about a provider is whether or not they are reliable and legit.  

Think about it: when gambling, you’re using real money to play. So, basically, when depositing, you’re giving your money to keep it safe. You wouldn’t just give someone you don’t know your money, right? So, you shouldn’t give your money to an online casino either unless they are trustworthy and legit. 

So, to check the trustworthiness of the online provider, you have several options: 

  • Check whether or not the online casino owns a gambling license from KAS. (Kas has pretty strict requirements from online casinos precisely to ensure that Dutch players will have legal and safe gambling experiences. For example, KAS requires online casinos to have an integrity policy, a plan for protecting gamblers from gambling addiction, financial stability, and a lot more.)
  • Check the feedback and reviews of other players to see whether or not the provider has a good or poor reputation among other players. 
  • Check if the website is outdated or has a poor design and content. (This can be a sign that the provider is not legit, which is why they don’t invest in a better website) 
  • Has transparent policies and terms about every activity you can engage with on their websites, such as withdrawal, deposit, and bonus claim.

Pay a lot of attention to the website.

The website of the provider can tell you more than just whether the provider is legit or not. More precisely, it can actually tell you how good your gambling experiences will be. 

In short, how the website of the provider looks and works will dictate how much fun you’ll have while playing online casino games. 

A good online casino website: 

  • It has a responsive design that loads fast.
  • It is mobile-friendly (so that you can play from anywhere you want using your mobile devices)
  • Is user-friendly
  • Is navigable
  • It doesn’t have an outdated design
  • It is secure and protects your data ( check if the URL of the website starts with HTTP or HTTPS. The “s” stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which makes a website more secure). All internet casino experts agree that security is of utmost importance in online gambling. 

All these things will matter significantly for your gambling experiences. So, make sure you check if the website of the provider you want to play with has all these. 

Check the bonuses offered.

One of the best things about online gambling is that there are plenty of bonuses and rewards. Examples of casino bonuses are welcome, deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses, free spins, cashback bonuses, and many others. 

Online providers offer bonuses and prizes for marketing purposes such as to attract players, retain them, encourage them to play more, and help them have great gambling experiences on their website. 

Now, since all online providers will be new on the Dutch market, the chances are that most of them will offer amazing bonuses and offers to make a name in the market. So, lucky for you, there will be plenty of choices to pick from when it comes to bonuses and offers. 

However, no matter how advantageous the bonuses look like make sure you double-check the terms and requirements. 

Choose a casino with an array of games available.

To get the most out of online gambling, you should try and play as many different games as possible. The good news is that there are so many games online that you can try. The only problem is that you should check whether or not the provider has them on its website. In other words, choose a provider that offers a wide array of casino games. 

Besides all types of casino games, you should also check whether or not the provider offers some educational content that will help you familiarize yourself with this new activity. Online gambling is a new thing in your country, and you’re probably not that familiar with how to play certain casino games.

 A good provider will take this into consideration and provide support to its customers. For example, the casino could offer a slots guide in Dutch or blogs about how to play poker or roulette. Such content can be really helpful and useful, especially if you’re a novice player. 

See what your support options are.

Even with the best provider out there, some problems may still arise. You may encounter a technical issue or have a question about the withdrawal or depositing procedure. It is essential to know that you can reach out to the provider for support for those moments. So, check what support options the online casino offers. The more, the merrier.