Download the Indibet App for Android (APK) And IOS

With globalization taking center stage for the last three decades, the gaming industry has seen the addition of several brands to create a much more competitive market. Therefore, it comes as a complete surprise to find several organizations willing to forego the international footprint to focus on a single market. Having your forces divided reduces your overall strength and this has been the outlook Indibet app seemed to have taken. 

The Indibet APK mainly operates in India and with its population exceeding a billion; the bookmaker has seen its customer base increase consistently over the last couple of years. That being said, the Indibet APK would be nothing if not unoriginal if their marketing strategies ended at simply focusing on a single market. That is where accessibility plays a huge role. With all the focus going into the modern consumer, it would be nothing if not inefficient if Indibet APK didn’t have a mobile presence. Recently announced was the Indibet app which is an attempt by the Indibet APK to enter the mobile landscape. 

A great deal of effort went into the development process and it shows with the features and functionality normally provided being migrated to the android sphere. A review is what remains so find out what Indibet App has in store for their punters. Find out below as we look at everything a punter might consider in an Android application.

Pros and Cons

As with everything under the sun, nothing great is without its detriments. Some advantages can be learned from using the application, which is a fact. However, there are some drawbacks to using the application. For one thing, the application provides a personalized wagering experience hitherto unheard of on the other platforms. Getting notified of your winning slips as well as your favourite teams and leagues’ upcoming events, you cannot miss out on any opportunity to win big with the Indibet APK. Another advantage is the option to lock the application and not have to log in to your account using your password. 

This can provide some crucial advantages, especially in those time-sensitive wagers. Perhaps the most convenient advantage is the increased security provided when you are using the application. With end-to-end encryption, the Indibet App ensures all communication between you and them is safe from malicious parties. Now, as with all things, the application comes with the disadvantage of not being available on much older devices. With Android applications, it won’t be available on devices which aren’t up to date.

Indibet App Download and installation procedure

As with all bookmakers, you won’t locate an android application belonging to the firm on the official application marketplace. Owing to Google’s stand on bookmaking activities and games of chance as a whole, Indibet app can’t list its application on the official store.  Many a punter might find it odd but your device isn’t broken if results don’t show up when you search. That being said, it isn’t entirely a herculean task to install the application. All you need is a file designed to create a localized installation of mobile applications, an apk file, which belongs to the Indibet APK. 

Such a file can easily be located from the bookie’s main site. Going to the downloads section indicated by the android icon, the file can be saved to your phone as fast as your internet connection allows. Ignore the warning displayed when the download begins, since the origin of the file is well known to you. Once saved, open the file to begin the installation. After modifying the device’s settings, the installation completes within a couple of minutes and you will have Indibet App accessible through your mobile device.

System requirements Indibet APK for Android

Android is as diverse as operating systems are in terms of the devices it supports. That being said, as much as the developers try, it is simply impossible to accommodate all devices that operate the open-source system. That creates a hard limit on the resources needed to operate the application which is the only thing that determines whether your device will run the application or not. What plays a major role is the android version which needs to be at least 4.4.2. 

The older versions won’t install the application, let alone run it. Memory is also an important factor as almost 150Mb of it is necessary during memory-intensive tasks such as streaming live events. A processing speed of 1GHz is necessary but a multi-core processor is preferred to reduce processing bottlenecks that result in the application lagging and prematurely crashing. In terms of devices, almost all popular brands, including some less-known ones, can run the application just fine provided the system resources are as listed.

Indibet App IOS installation procedure

Unlike the application installation process to get Indibet on Android, Apple devices provide more convenience with the application being listed on the official store. The only thing you have to do is search and install it. Simply launch the store application and search for ‘Indibet’ in the search box provided. After locating the bookie’s application, all that remains is clicking the install button. This is the last thing needed from the punter as the store application will handle the rest of the installation. Strikingly similar to the android application, the iOS version is a complete clone of its counterpart with the same resource consumption and performance.

Requirements Indibet App for iOS devices

Apple devices are the crème de la crème of premium devices offering one of the longest support lifecycles. That being said, even Apple devices have to meet the specific resource requirements needed by the application. In terms of resource consumption, the application is similar to its Android counterpart. It needs at least 150Mb during operations with 100Mb to store its application files. Processing power is capped off at 1GHZ but a dual or multiple-core processor would be better than a single-core processor. With all that, an internet connection is still necessary. 3G is the lowest supported band but anything faster would be to your advantage as a punter.

Registration using the Indibet application

Joining shouldn’t be a long process and Indibet App has seen to this by having one of the simplest ones out there. Launching the application, the first screen displayed is the log-in screen. This is for users with existing accounts. New users have the option of creating a new one. 

Clicking the Register button takes you to another screen where you can fill in your personal information. Here quickly fill in your details, verify your contact information and your newly created account is as good as done. Now, all that remains is filling in your wallet with a stake to get your wagering action on.

Welcome Bonuses Indibet App

Promotions are what bookies use to keep their customers playing and lacking a significant promotional scheme will make punters eventually leave your services for much greener pastures. After creating the account, many a punter might be wondering what offers are in store for them. It comes as a great surprise that all newly created accounts are eligible for a bonus amount. 

When a punter first funds their account, the Indibet App will award them with a bonus amount that is equal to the amount transacted.  The bonus will be held in a separate wallet and can be used to wager. Provided the terms of the bonus amount are met, the winnings made from the bonus can be withdrawn to your account.

Transacting with the bookie

Transacting on a bookie’s platform should be the least difficult part of the wagering experience. That is true for most bookies, Indibet app included. With the platform giving you options to fund your account, you won’t blame the slow processing of your stake as the reason for not placing that wager. Mobile money is a new trend yet Indibet app has graciously integrated the channel into its platform. Another option is using web money methods such as Skrill and Payoneer, which are extremely popular with punters. Banking transactions are also an option for the punter and they can have their winnings sent to their accounts.

 Sports wagers

In terms of sheer popularity, the familiarity of sports wagers makes it a force to be reckoned with in the gaming market. Indibet app has a very active sports book ideal for the Indian punter. Cricket wagers are extremely popular so they get a dedicated section. Other sports and leagues are available for wagers with some very competitive odds on select events. More leagues are listed here than most bookies and even local sports such as Kabbadi are included for the punter. You won’t find any event missing and slips are settled immediately after the bet is won.

Wager types

With all the options on the platform, it might be a bit confusing to determine the types of wagers available on the platform. Broadly speaking, the wagers are grouped into two major categories, single and accumulator slips. A single slip wager comprises only one selection from the available markets. It has the lowest risks but the payout is as significant as the initial stake placed making it ideal for big rollers and V.I.Ps. An accumulator comes with increased risks as you have the option of combining several predictions to increase the overall win amount.

Indibet Mobile Version Of The Site

The application might refuse to install on your device or it might have an existing installation not tied to your account. If you happen to find yourself in such a situation, Indibet app has you covered with the mobile version of their website. This is a website optimized for mobile devices and works just as well as the application. You won’t find anything missing from the application and the odds and tools are just the same. No advantage is offered by the website except for lacking an installation procedure which means instant access to mobile customers.

Conclusion of Indibet App

Overall, Indibet app is one of those bookies who are here to stay. Focusing on the Indian market has paid off for them as they have seen continued growth and increased profits from their operations. With all their promotional material covering everything from sports wagers to casino games, it is no wonder their customer base has steadily been on the rise. A great bookie considering the competition out there. A great recommendation for any punter, regardless of experience.


Is a separate registration needed to use the Indibet application?

No, with the application, use your existing account and enjoy the existing services.

Is the bonus scheme restricted for Indibet app users?

Yes, all punters are eligible for any bonus promotion regardless of the software being used to access the platform.

Is there a difference in odds between the Indibet application and the website?

No. With all their software solutions, you get the same odds.

What steps should I take if the Indibet app won’t open?

If you are having any difficulty installing the application, simply download a new version from the bookie and try re-installing it.