Does a better PC make you a better online gamer?

There is a saying that “a bad worker will always blame his tools” but can this phrase be applied to others? For instance, those in the gaming industry?

Are gamers only bad because of the machine that they have that allows them to play the games that they wish to play, or is it that they might not be as good as they had hoped and blaming the PC that they have is the easiest reason to provide?

A better PC can improve online gaming experiences

Of course, it would be impossible to deny that a better computer will be able to help gamers to achieve a better gaming experience when they play the games that they choose to play, as it is likely that the machine will be able to cope with the demands that are being asked of it.

Indeed, those that wish to play casino games such as slots and table games at an online casino might find that they receive a better gameplay session due to the upgrade in hardware, but It’s always a good idea to see what other players think of operators firstly with the likes of this CasinoDays review as they will list the major pros and cons of each provider for you. A better PC should, in theory, have the capabilities of providing players with the ability to enjoy a seamless experience and one in which gameplay may not be interrupted.

Naturally, this will all come down to the components that the system being used has, for instance, whether there is another RAM and whether the graphics card is powerful enough to show the type of picture possible in regard to the number of pixels used.

Number of reasons would suggest a better PC might not make a person a better online gamer

There are, on the other hand, several reasons why a better computer will not make an individual a better gamer, though, with many of the reasons simply not attributable to the machine being used.

For instance, those playing online may be impacted by the quality of internet service that they have and receive, which is not always down to the machine that is being used and rather the internet company.

Whilst there is no denying that a better PC will allow for a better gaming experience to take place as it may be able to handle many of the demands required of it, a lot of the online gameplay that takes place will be down to the individual and whether they are actually good enough to do what they need to and desire to achieve.

If the computer already features the minimum requirements in order for a game to be played, then players could find it rather hard to blame anything else other than their ability to play the game. Every gamer has had something happen to them when playing and lashed out at the game when, in fact, we all know it was not the game’s fault, but an error made by the person.


Naturally, there are two sides to the argument, with both sides being rather easy to argue. Yes, gaming performance can easily be improved by the use of a better PC as it may be more responsive and powerful, however whether an individual is a better online gamer is simply down to them and their own skill. There is nothing to suggest that they will immediately improve on a better piece of equipment.