Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Free Download

Microsoft ecosystem includes Visual Studio which is used for developing applications used for Windows Operating System. Microsoft Visual C++ is one programming language that can be used to develop applications.

But to run applications built in Visual C++, users need to install Visual C++ runtime libraries. In this article, we will discuss the importance of these redistributable runtime packages, how to install them and the direct download links.

What is Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable?
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is a runtime library for running applications that Microsoft developers develop in Visual C++ language (Using the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment).

There are many Microsoft Redistributable packages installed on your system. You can view them by going to the Control Panel/Programs/Apps and Features. And in the list of installed programs, you will see that there is more than one package of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

VC++ Redistributable is just like Java Runtime Environment and .NET Framework. You need to install JRE to run programs developed in Java and .NET Framework to run apps built with .NET Framework.

Finding Visual C++ Redistributable in Installed Programs
When you create certain Apps or Programs using Visual C++, the Redistributable packages are installed automatically. Some developers pre-package the runtime libraries inside their software setups. Or you can download them manually. I am providing you with the Links to download the Redistributable packages.

If you are using the same version of Microsoft Visual C++ to create multiple Apps, then all the Apps created with the same version of Microsoft Visual C++ needs one Redistributable package for all.

1. The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable expands the features of your System related to multimedia.
2. It helps you to install the components automatically which are required by many Apps, Games, and Programs to run.
3. And the Apps which are written in C++ language, the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable helps them to work and run properly.
4. Each Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package isn’t more than 20 MB in size.

Download vs_redist.x86.exe 2019 32-bit

Download vs_redist.x64.exe 2019 64-bit