Differences between Betway’s promotions for Bulgaria and those offered by other operators in the country

The things about Betway and its bonuses in Bulgaria that no one will tell  you – European Gaming Industry News

There are a couple of online betting operators in Bulgaria, and all of them provide some sort of bonus. Most iGaming sites have interesting proposals, but there are certain companies that are on another level. Since you can check this BETWAY promo code for Bulgaria, you will see that this new online bookie and casino provides a couple of propositions. The number of bonuses might not be as high as in other operators, but they make up for it by providing quality options.

Speaking of the options, most of the gambling companies in the country have impressive offers, some of which allow gamblers to participate in events. There are some similarities between Betway’s propositions and those offered by other brands, but there are definitely more differences. So, let’s go over some of them and see what we should be aware of.

You won’t find any offers that will motivate you to punt on specific football teams

Every online betting site that wants to be successful in Bulgaria has to offer a sportsbook because locals are interested in this option. Of course, the top-tier sites in the country provide a variety of sports, and one of them is football.

Local punters want to wager on this option because it provides more opportunities and better odds. Speaking of odds, Betway has a special promotion available to Bulgarian punters that will let them wager on higher odds, as long as they choose specific events.

Although this proposal is impressive, other betting companies prefer to focus on specific football teams instead of certain events. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case, but the most obvious one is the fact that some of the local bookies sponsor the best teams in the local football competition. 

Aside from the better odds, those places may also provide additional perks and short-term proposals. We are yet to see whether those things will be accessible on Betway.

Betway gives you more time to make the most of the welcome promotion

The welcome bonuses play a crucial role for most gambling sites because it helps them become more popular among their new customers. Most gambling companies try to offer as many perks as possible, but a quick overview of the Betway bonus code shows that one of the leading names in the business has a different approach.

Sure, 200 BGN maximum free bet available to new Bulgarian punters is impressive, but the thing that makes this welcome proposition stand out is its duration. Unlike most offers available on other casinos in the country, Betway gives locals 30 days to receive this promotion.

This means that once you register, you basically have a month to decide whether claiming the given proposal is worth it. If you compare this to what’s available elsewhere, you will see that most people only have a few days to make up their minds.

Once activated, Betway’s clients have seven days to use the welcome proposal.

Other sites provide a more diverse selection of casino promos, at least for now

Even though hardcore sports fans will only want to wager on their favorite sports, others will probably want to try something new. Unsurprisingly, almost every gambling company in Bulgaria has at least a couple of sections. Betway is not an exception because users can play world-class casino games, bet on eSports, etc.

With that being said, the company’s promo section is heavily focused on its sportsbook. There is one bonus for the casino client, but it is only available to newly registered clients. As a result, those who sign up and exhaust the offer won’t have access to anything else.

Since Betway has to go up against big names in Bulgaria, it will have to update its promo section and add even more offers for registered users who like casino games. There will probably be things like extra spins, cashback, and even VIP promotions. After all, those things are standard among other iGaming brands in the country.