Difference between a Local and a Long-Distance Move

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No matter how you are moving, it is a hard process to accomplish. Almost every adult gets to move at least once in life but still, they are not aware of the complexity of the process. All a mover knows about a move is either a DIY move or hiring for help. The expert nationwide movers at movingfeedback.com explain that though every move is the same, there are many differences between a local and long-distance move whereas people often mistake them both as same.

Moving companies are the best when it comes to moving house. Moving Companies NYC offer complete services like packing, loading, and truck rentals. There are many reasons why people hire Moving Companies; some people want to move in their own time while others want to avoid long distance moving.

Not everyone can be an expert in moving as we keep on learning new things with each move. The one main difference between a long-distance move and a local move is the distance to be covered which is clear by the name itself. Local moves are generally simpler as compare to long-distance moves. A local move requires much less time and less team for the move but these are not the only differences between a local and long-distance move. Every move over 400 miles is considered a long-distance move. If your move is within 400 miles but is interstate then also it is considered a long-distance move. The same thing goes for a local move too. Even if you are moving within the same city but the distance is more and it takes the whole day for the movers, then it is considered as a long-distance move.

The Complexity of a Move

When we talk about a local move, it is fairly an easy process as it involves less number of moving company team and a truck and when we talk about a long-distance move, it may include a fleet of trucks with a number of team members of the moving company.

Along with distance, other factors that differentiate between a local and long-distance move include moving expense, physical exhaustion, mental stress, and time. Here we are discussing some of the major differences between a local and long-distance move.

Cost of the Move

Cost is the biggest factor after distance when we talk about the difference between a local move and a long-distance move. When we move local, many a times we don’t even hire professional moving companies and prefer taking help from friends and family. Most movers opt for a DIY move in case of a local move but this is not the case when one has to make a long-distance move. Though people avoid hiring professional movers in case of a local move, it is highly advisable to hire a good moving company for the sake of the safety of your valuable goods.

Time Taken

A local move may be executed even in less than 48 hours which is not possible in case of a long-distance move. A long-distance move will take at least a week before you can execute the move as you will have to make arrangements and hiring a reliable professional moving company is one of the most important moving tasks.


Executing a local move is easier than a long-distance move as it needs less planning and changing your address seems all that you need to do. But when you move a long distance then along with all other moving tasks, you also have to understand the rules and regulations of the new city you are moving to. Also, you will have to make changes to your service providers. You may even have to make many multiple visits to your destination city for a smoother transition after the move.

Mental Stress

It is obvious to get stressed when your valuable belongings are with the movers during a long-distance move which is not the case in a local move as you are always and everywhere present during the moving process. To overcome this stress, it is suggested to hire a reliable and trustworthy moving company by researching about it.

Type of Packing

Although it is important to pack your stuff safely for any type of move but still when it is a local move, you take it lightly. When it is a long-distance move, you need to plan and execute your packing in depth. Not having a proper packing plan may damage your valuables.

Be it a local move or a long-distance move, planning your packing properly is highly recommended. Hiring professionals is a better choice as a professional moving company will send experts to pack your goods safely and properly.

In the end, choosing the right moving time for a move is also important especially in the case of a long-distance move. Weekends and summers are considered to be the peak season so choosing weekdays will be a better choice.  You must get a boost in your career by moving to a new state or maybe there are better facilities for your family. Anything be the cause, moving to a new state is a tedious process and a great understanding can help you make it smooth.