Detailed Guide on our Electric Home Hospital Bed

Here at hospital bed rental Company, we take pride in building good relationships not only with our loyal customers, but also with our suppliers. As a result, our procurement team was able to design a very attractive package for individuals looking for a fully electric home hospital bed.

Fully Moving Electric Home Hospital Bed Package

For a limited time, we offer an ultra-light drive medical home hospital bed with half or full handrails and advanced long-term care, multi-layer foam/gel mattresses for the astonishing price of $1,199. Growth. This amazing package has all the features you need to keep yourself or your loved ones safe and comfortable for recovery or long term use.

Home hospital beds are equipped with adjustable backrests and leg rests to help find the optimal position for any individual. In addition, a second motor that drives the bed raises and lowers the entire bed, facilitating patient access and care.

The bed’s sturdy spring construction allows for an excellent load capacity of 450 pounds, making it an ideal bed for individuals of a variety of sizes and needs. However, the comfort of a bed is determined not by the frame, but by the mattress placed on it. Unlike regular foam treatment mattresses, which consist entirely of a single foam density, the Advanced Mattress features a multi-layered construction to prevent pressure spikes and shear. For example, in the area where the patient places the lower limbs, the mattress has a shallow ridge that helps keep the legs at a slightly lower angle and helps prevent swelling and rubbing on the person. Plus, the part where the end of the mattress is placed is slightly softer than the back of it, so you can have a more comfortable sleeping experience.

With a Welded Life Warranty, 5 years for the frame and 1 year for all other parts and components, the Drive Ultra-Light Home Hospital Bed is perfect for the value without compromising on superior quality, functionality and durability. Perfect for individuals looking for something. .. If you need more information on packaging, or are interested in other bedding on our impressive line, our team of dedicated experts will be happy to assist you.