ClickSEO – The best CTR bot [Review]

CTR, or the click-through rate, has now been the number one factor for the ranking. If you are looking for an exact way to rank higher through CTR SEO techniques, 

better use your CTR tools in social media profiles, for the images, as well as for the web pages that you intend to rank through your brands.

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But is this ClickSEO tool to increase your CTR properly or not?

The answer is yes.

ClickSEO is a ctr manipulation service that drives traffic to your website, the traffic is human traffic that Google cannot detect. Using ClickSEO allows pushing your website in search engine ranking using real organic traffic to generate activity on the internal webpage. The clicks are displayed in the google search console, google analytics, semrush, and other popular traffic analytics tools.

So, let’s learn about the ClickSEO CTR Tool by reviewing it from this guide, and we will show you some feedback on it.

Why ClickSEO is the best CTR traffic bot?

It is generally advanced software whose purpose is to generate organic clicks. And these clicks will be generated from the SERP. You are allowed to go for specific keywords that directly contribute towards rating the CTR from Search Console, and these keywords will also be feedback for the positive signals of Google and other search engines

When you use CTR Bot is going to search the keyword you have used from Google, and it will crawl the SERPs. Then it will click your URL from all your search results to finally send the visitors to your website

The Click-through rate has to be increased naturally, and it needs a ClickSEO click-through rate manipulation tool used.

ClickSEO to manipulate CTR : Benefits

There are several benefits associated with ClickSEO, as follows.

  • Google Suggest – the tool will easily add Google Suggests for the long tail keywords. And ClickSEO is going to type the keyword in the search engine search bar of Google. Not all CTR Tools use the search bar of Google. This makes your website appear next to your money keyword in autocomplete.
  • Increasing CTR – organic CTR is considered to be one of the top crucial things in SEO content. All the clicks made by will be assured to be shown in the Google search console.
  • Geo-Targeting Traffic – these are the drives coming from your country, where your business operates. This is one of the great methods you can use for local SEO, and more than 150 counties are available here.
  • Campaign Stats – you are allowed to track your keywords’ ranking and their traffic stats as well as the performance from the analytics.
  • Bespoke Setup Settings – there will be over ten features that you can use here to customize your projects based on what you want. It can be the bounce rate, the number of visited og pages, or the traffic that comes from certain days with the tome from your site.
  • Works for Google My business rankings – For businesses listed on Google My business, it is important to consider the ctr as a ranking factor that counts a lot. With ClickSEO, you can generate clicks from a keyword typed on google maps, which opens your GMB listing, and clicks on the buttons, itineraries, website (…)

If you use ClickSEO CTR Tool properly, it will give your website a higher rank than the search engines as a manipulation tool for the user experience. After several tests, we see good benefits that are why ClickSEO google ctr bot  is highly recommended.

ClickSEO – Pricing

The cost that you need to run campaigns with is relatively lower than the serpclix, like competitors. The same account can be used with different plans, and the price ranges go as follows.

  • Basic – this is $30 for a month with 30 clicks per day (900 per month)
  • Standard – $50 for a month with 60 clicks per day (1800 per month)
  • Premium – $90 for a month with 120 clicks per day (3600 per month)
  • Ultimate – $130 for a month with 180 clicks per day (5400 per month)
  • Solo – $250 for a month with 400 clicks per day (12,000 per month)
  • Team – $350 for a month with 600 clicks per day (18,000 per month)
  • Business – $450 for a month with 800 clicks per day (24,0000 per month)
  • Agency – $900 for a month with 1800 clicks per day (54,000 per month)

All these subscriptions are made without a commitment, and you can assign unlimited projects once your balance is topped up with tokens. The proxies are included with ClickSEO bot software – You don’t need to import your own proxies (that costs a lot) as is the case with many ctr tools.

That’s why ClickSEO is an excellent software for ctr and SEO since everything is included, for reasonable pricing.

ClickSEO CTR bot Services

Whenever you are signed up, CTR is only one factor that leads you to have a ranking. There are also some other services associated with that act positively to rank your website.

Setting up the Time on Site

Whenever you have traffic for your website, you can set a time for each session to last by using the dashboard. You are allowed to set a 1 to 5-minute duration for a session here, and this will be based on the package you have signed up for. When there is a long time from the website, it will make you create better metrics for the user experience and activity on your website.

Selecting the Number of Visited Pages

The number of pages that have been visited within a session can build better metrics for the user experience and behavior on your website, and this is something that can also be selected. You can select anything from your site from 2 to 5 pages that have been visited per session. There will be five internal links that are randomly chosen, and you cannot select them. ClickSEO is making you a natural way of acting and knows that the most relevant pages will be the most visited pages. Examples of them have highlighted collections as well as product pages.

Google adores more page engagement from visits, which will give your website more positive signals in the search engine.

Selection of Various Keywords

There is also the chance to select several keywords with unique aspects for each. CTR Manipulation Tool usually triggers your keyword towards Google, and this will be useful for selecting several keywords to appear on your site.

You can select from 15 to 900 key phrases here, and this will be based on your pricing plan.

Visitors are Totally Unique

ClickSEO makes sure to make your visitors unique from its click-through. It is going to change three factors from your click-through as follows.

  • Custom Device
  • Visitor’s Geolocation
  • A Custom Browser
  • Custom IP (from wifi or mobile)

You have unique visitors to your website – there will be a traffic diversity registered in the Google Search Console.


When a user flows on your site from up to down, it is known as scrolling. This is one of the additional features that come with, and it is not considered to be a direct SEO ranking factor. But still, this is something that Google tracks easily from your site,

There are several SEO agencies that track the behaviors of their visitors, and if the visitors can move around your website, it seems more natural. When a visitor moves along in your web, it increases the relevancy of your score while at the same time raising his interest in a minimal way.

If you have chosen 0 to 100%, it says that your web is scrolled randomly from the beginning to the bottom on each of its visitors.

You can select a scrolling effect from 0% to 100% based on your preferred pricing plan.

Increase the CTR – Some Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about CTR can be shown as follows.

  • There will be an average CTR of 31.7% in Google’s number one organic search result.
  • The number one organic result will have a click with a 10x rate, which is compared to the page you see in the 10th spot.
  • The positions of 7 to 10 in Organic CTR are the same in virtual. So, having some spots moved up from the bottom of the first page doesn’t make you more organic traffic.
  • If you move up to one spot from the search results, it is more likely you are going to have a 30.8% increased CTR. But this will be based on where you from and where to go aspects. There will be a significant boost only if you have moved to the 2nd position from the 3rd. But moving to the 9th from 10 doesn’t make or show any significant difference at all.
  • If your title has a question, there will be a 14.1% higher CTR gained compared to the pages that don’t have question tags.
  • There will be the highest CTR with a title tag that has 15 to 40 characters. It raises the CTR rate by 8.6% compared to the ones that don’t come in that range.
  • If the URL has a keyword, it has a 45% of click-through rate than the ones that don’t have a URL on it.
  • If you add power words for the title tag, it can cause a decrease in your CTR. If there is a power word with the titles, there will be a 13.9% lesser CTR rate
  • CTR can be improved by making it emotional. When there are both positive and negative sentiments, it will improve by a 7% CTR.
  • The highest CTR can be taken for the pages by writing meta descriptions for them. They will get 5.8% higher clicks than the pages which don’t have a meta description on them.


A click-through rate campaign can be created by just signing up, and it will improve the engagement signals of a user. What is more impressive is that it can show the results for free, and you don’t need any trial or credit card information placed for a free trial. You can know it by having a test with CTR tools on your own.

There will be a three-day free trial for the ball rolling, but this trial isn’t enough to get the first results. So try upgrading your plan right after several days. Don’t be spammed if you try on these money sites.