CS:GO Maps In 2022: New Reveals, Additions Replacements

In CS:GO, major patches aren’t a common phenomenon. It has been over a year since Valve released an operation in the game, with the last one being Riptide. And in 2022, along with the last breath of this Operation, the game devs decided to introduce a great number of long-awaited new maps to various game modes. 

So, if you are interested to know more about new locations added this season, as well as the competitive debut of some maps, this article will cover all the details.

What Are the Maps in CS:GO?

If you are familiar with the basics of Valve’s shooter, you should know that there are various modes in the game. Each map is designed for at least one of those types of play. For instance, there are Casual, Wingman, and Danger Zone modes, among others.

The competitive mode features seven different locations in the official active pool, four maps in the reserve pool, and five hostage rescue maps. The maps we will be talking about here have already been added to either more official or community maps in Valve’s shooter.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the list.

All the CS:GO New Maps of 2022

Below, you will find six new CS:GO maps introduced to Valve’s shooter in the 2022 season. The most notable of them came from the Steam workshop.


The two new locations introduced to the CS:GO Casual mode are called Iris and Climb.

The first one gives off the post-industrial vibes of the Train version with diverse areas and easy-to-learn callout locations. On top of that, Iris comes with a well-designed structure and a great amount of different opportunities for game-changing solutions. 

Another addition, Climb, features more indoor scenes and a modern version of the game. You will find yourself in a somewhat wall climbing location with many structures to hide and attack your opponents. But there are also enough open spaces where you might be caught off guard.


This CS:GO mode also received new additions, such as Crete and Hive.

As for Crete, this is a simple map that features a lot of areas and easy-to-remember callouts. That’s the reason why many CS:GO fans love playing on it. But if you would rather prefer more compound locations, opt for Hive instead.

The latter is another indoor action map, which is formed by a great number of honeycomb shapes. Hive differs from the previous map as it is dark and possesses a wide variety of diverse areas where it could be easy to get picked off.


Valve didn’t forget about its battle royale followers and pleased them with two additions, Vineyard and Ember.

If you are into an ancient style and love the atmosphere of the Italian landscape, Vineyard might be right for you. This map consists of a great amount of vineyard area in the old city. That said, it is more exposed and simple, allowing for new CS:GO players to learn new locations as fast as possible.

On the other hand, Ember has a design pattern that sets the scene for some glorious fights. All the action takes place on a deserted volcano area where the sun doesn’t even appear. The sky is cloudy and the terrain is not perfect for walking, not to mention a shootout.

When was the Last Map Added to Competitive Mode?

The long-awaited new map pool for competitive modes arrived with the tenth anniversary update of the shooter in August 2022. In honor of this event, Valve added two maps to the game store. The scenarios we are talking about are as follows below.


With the last Valve’s patch, Anubis was being added to Active Duty map pool and Dust II was being eliminated. Since then, Anubis has been enjoyed in several online contests and some LAN tournaments.

The great test, however, was in the BLAST Premier Fall Final, the last major CS:GO event of 2022 that was finally won by G2 Esports. According to the statistics of the https://cover.gg/tournaments/finished webpage, Anubis appeared in up to five scenarios, making it the third most played map, tied with Nuke, and only behind Mirage and Inferno.


Tuscan is a fresh bomb defusal map that is a part of the official game pool in CS:GO and that can be played in the official Matchmaking.

What is interesting about Tuscan is its remake and the original version of this map is dated back to 2007.

As for design, the location is full of exciting backstories with essential elements of the scene. The action takes place in a warm and sunny coastal city.

Finally, it is worth noting that Anubis and Tuscan are not the only maps introduced to Matchmaking CS:GO this year. Breach, Primetime, and Blagai were also introduced to the community in February 2022.