Cryptocurrency and Blockchain at Newer Online Casinos

The world of online casinos is experiencing change after change. With the constant and consistent upgrades in technologies, digital establishments are a prime example of how newly introduced software can change the face of a game. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are both important when it comes to how players engage with new online casinos. As there are a considerable amount of great online platforms to choose from, which are clear to see on, players need to pay attention to the workings behind new digital currencies and improved technologies on the market when choosing the game they wish to play.

This article aims to shed light on two specific technologies, cryptocurrency and blockchain and then outline how these two avenues are making a large impact on payment methods, security and transparency in online casinos.


One of the leading digital payment streams is known as cryptocurrency. This is a digital currency that was introduced into the world in January, 2009. It is an alternative way of making payments, in comparison to fiat currencies or stripe payments. Crypto has experienced a surge in popularity, with many big investors speaking highly of it and therefore increasing the market value and demand of this digital wallet that many are making use of.

Crypto is surely making big waves in the digital casino world, as many players are seeking casinos that both accept and support cryptocurrencies. There are a few important reasons for this. Cryptocurrencies allow players to make and receive faster payments. If a player is looking to make a quick bet or lay a fast wager, they naturally want those funds to get into their online casino account as fast as possible and this is the same for receiving funds when a game is won. Speed of transactions is what cryptocurrencies offer players. 

Furthermore, at the core of cryptocurrency stands anonymity, which is massively interesting for punters, as although the transactional history is recorded, there is no direct link between the punter and the transaction, other than a numerical value. Many punters greatly enjoy this increased level of anonymity that they experience. This is actually surprisingly good for security, as each transaction is linked to an IP address, making the player a visible person but not needing to share any private details of home addresses, birth names, etc. In addition to this, as cryptocurrency is an ungoverned financial currency, having crypto transactions be visible on a public ledger for all to see, creates a sense of trust and understanding with governments, who cannot stop the movement but sure can make it harder for players to use, should they feel inclined. Therefore, this transparency is vital for the success of crypto.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is an advanced database mechanism that stores every transaction that is made in an online casino. This piece of technology facilitates transactions in an increasingly secure and safe manner. How blockchain technology works is relatively straightforward and forms the basis of cryptocurrency’s operations.

Each block works to save the sensitive data of players, each block is then joined to the other through a ‘chain’ through cryptography. This rigid structure means that if any hacker or cyber criminal ever tries to gain access to one block, it will automatically block the attack and communicate to all other blocks along the chain to close off and not allow access. Every new piece of data that enters the digital world of transactions creates a new block, so if you saw it live in front of you, you’d essentially see millions and millions of little blocks being created every second to record every financial movement, be in cryptocurrency or any other financial mean. These blocks cannot be changed, so once they have been created, they stay exactly like that. This is massively good news for players, the house and governments alike and has had a huge impact on the rise of new online casinos, as the industry has become more trustworthy and transparent than ever. 

Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain, each transaction is recorded on a public ledger and cannot be changed or accessed. This means that if players get kicked out of a game, the block will save their position and this will be in the public record. Much the same for interested councils who can gain access to the happenings of certain online casinos, with increased transparency. However, when it comes to transparency, it is still the job of the online casino to keep player information safe and secure. Therefore, IP addresses are recorded, which is transparent enough, but private and sensitive data that the player only shared with the digital establishment, is not immediately visible to any entity, unless they have the correct documents to request informational access.