Clairvoyance: what are the tools and supports used by clairvoyants?

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The clairvoyance brings the arts concerning the reading and interpretation of phenomena beyond the physical frame. It can be used in several areas and is practiced by specialists who offer often personalized sessions. During these, the seers make use of at least mysterious objects which serve as a support for reading. Check out some of them.

The cards

The cards are part of the psychic supports the most used in the arts of divination. They are mainly used in tarology and cartomancy. In the first practice, the psychic uses a deck of 78 cards for consultation. This can also be done online. In fact, you can have free tarot consultations remotely and in complete privacy.

There are several forms of tarot, one of the most common is the Tarot de Marseille . In tarology, it is the illustrations of the charts that guide the predictions. They allow you to deliver a message based on the order in which they came out.

The fortune-telling is also a practice of drawing quite famous. Associated with “fortune tellers”, it is based on a deck of 32 cards . The main difference with tarology is that fortune telling cards are normal card games. They can be used in everyday life while the others are associated with oracles .

Crystal ball

As enigmatic as it is fascinating, the crystal ball is one of the oldest clairvoyance tools. Used in Intuitive Souls, it is also one of the strong symbols of clairvoyance and it greatly nourishes popular belief.

The crystal ball acts as a catalyst for the seer. It does not grant the latter any power, but can help him enter the state of trance which favors contact with the spirits.

In fact, during the session, you can observe phenomena such as play of light and shadows or bursts of smoke. This comes from the charge in energy that contains the ball, associated with the gift of clairvoyance of the crystallomancer . You will then get explanations on all the questions that bother you.

The astral theme

The horoscope of a person is on information related to his birth. It is then about the influence of the stars at the time of your arrival on earth. The study of the birth chart takes into account things like your date , time and place of birth. It is used to define:

  • your astrological sign;
  • your ascendant;
  • your Chinese sign;
  • and your numerological profile.

All of these details help determine certain traits of your character and help you understand your reactions. The birth chart is also used to give you medium and long term predictions . By consulting a psychic, you can uncover secrets about your abilities and talents .

The lines of the hand

Another tool for reading destiny, the lines of the hand are quite effective. Used in palmistry , they have been used since the ancient period for clairvoyance. The predictions are then made from the 4 lines visible in your right hand. These are the lines of head , life , heart and destiny .

They relate to every aspect of your life and depending on their length and depth , they carry a message. To interpret it properly, you will have to listen carefully to the indications of the seer.

They will allow you to understand and anticipate on themes such as love or work . You also have the possibility of obtaining information about your emotions and their management.

The pendulum and the inkblots

The pendulum , like the crystal ball, is one of the most famous and most mysterious mediumistic supports. Its use, however, requires a real gift and a solid knowledge of the divinatory arts . Indeed, the pendulum uses energetic fluids and vibrations to guide predictions.

For example, he can use a person’s emotions or radiation from his body to answer his questions. In practice, the seer suspends a pendulum above an object or the clairvoyance table. You just need to ask your question clearly for the oscillations at the end of the chain to provide an answer.

Finally, among the divinatory practices , there is the acromancy which, as its name suggests, is based on ink stains. In a simple way, the psychic interprets the ink stains that you make on a white sheet by asking your questions. The shapes that appear will then serve as a vector to give an interpretation to your predictions. However, it is recommended that you choose an expert for this practice.