Choosing the Perfect Office in London: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Selecting a suitable office space can seem like an onerous task for any business owner. Trying to find one in a big city like the UK’s capital can present a different set of challenges, but with some useful tips to consider and a little know-how, it can be done with a minimum of fuss. 

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect office space in London. 

Value for money

For many business owners, a major concern can be sourcing good quality, affordable workspaces, especially in major capital cities. Looking for london serviced offices is one option. Spaces such as these offer the opportunity to lease accommodation on a rolling monthly contract and give flexibility, not to mention a bigger choice. Serviced offices can also be a great idea if budgeting is tight or doesn’t offer much room for manoeuver.

Location, location, location

One of the biggest considerations a business of any size or stature needs to think about when choosing a new office space is the prestige that automatically comes with being attached to a London location. Whether they’re central spaces in the heart of the capital or situated in a prime area just outside the city, location can be a factor that impresses clients old and new. The type of business, staff, clientele and traveling needs should all be factored into this. 

Good accessibility

Always think about clients’ needs when planning a move to London. It’s a good idea to make sure office spaces are near to tube or train stations and that your offices offer a decent number of parking spaces for those people that need to drive in. Always remember when considering clients that drive, the congestion charge will need to be factored in too.

Accessibility isn’t just transport related. Think about ease of access in and out of the property, for those people working or visiting who might have additional needs or disability requirements such as wheelchair access, or a lift if they can’t manage stairs.

Networking and connecting

Look at the possibilities for networking and connecting within a London based office space. Will there be enough space for comfortable meetings? Does the office offer hotdesking opportunities for clients or staff that are on a hybrid work scheme? In certain setups like serviced spaces or business centres, it’s possible to look at who else is occupying the other rooms and offices. Finding out who else is in the building or nearby can be advantageous to business owners who want to make new and better connections and associations. 

Is the internet up to speed?

Last but by no means least look at the internet/broadband and connectivity speeds in the locale. Even in these very modern, connected times, it’s still possible to get less than perfect signals or low bandwidth. It’s important to make sure there is either a really good, fast connection or fibre to the building to ensure the smooth running of operations and phone lines at all times. 


Having all the right information to hand when choosing a London based office is the best way to ensure you find the right accommodation and a location that suits the needs of your business, staff and all your clients.