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Sachin Khanna

When the first date is done and you seem to like the girl, what do you do?

Wait for a couple of days because you don’t want to seem too desperate and then call her. And after almost a dozen dates, you guys are really into each other and you think this could really go somewhere.

Now when you reach this stage, you could ask her to be your girlfriend like any other guy or you could go out of your way to make her feel loved, special, and wanted.

Here are some ways to ask the girl you really like to be your girl.

25+ Cute way to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

1. Ask with a Poem

If you are a guy who has a way with words, you should write your own poem. Nothing too complicated. Just simple words that convey how you feel about her.

Don’t go overboard and make it too cheesy. After you are done with the poem, divide it into at least 4 or 5 parts and put them on different strips of paper.

Now, have these strips delivered to her throughout the day. You could ask your friends or just hire someone to do it. Save the last strip for yourself to deliver and that should be the one with the question (Would you be my girlfriend?) or with the three magic words.

Hopefully, when you give her the last strip, you’ll see her lips curve into the most beautiful smile and she’ll fall right into your arms.

2. Convey Your Message In The Snow or at the Beach

Write your message on snow or across the sand on the beach. Trust me, she’ll think it’s very cute.

3. Make A Puzzle

Now, this requires some effort and may cost you a little.

If your girl’s worth it, find a website that’ll do this for you. It shouldn’t be that hard.

There are scores of sites that make personalized gifts. A lot of sites offer customized puzzle gifts.

Once you pick a site, choose a design that you think she may like and give them the words you want on it. This may take some time to get delivered but when it comes, it’ll be great.

If your girl loves puzzles, choose one with many pieces, if she isn’t the type that’ll be patient enough to finish a puzzle, get a small one.

Either way, she’ll love it.

Make sure you wrap it up beautifully and give it to her at the right time.

4. Pop Your Question With A Year Book

If you are in your senior grade or in college and want to ask your crush to be your girlfriend try asking her with your yearbook. Just casually ask her if she’ll sign your yearbook. She will probably say “Yes”. And have a few sweet words written inside followed by your question and she may sign “Yes”, if you are lucky enough.

5. Treasure Hunt

If you are planning to ask her on her birthday, this is a brilliant idea. With each clue, include one thing that you like about her and watch her blush as she reads each clue and frantically searches for the next one. And ask her if she’ll be your girl with the last clue and you could also give her a small gift. Something like a beauty accessory or a gadget depending on what kind of girl she is. Just make sure you organise this treasure hunt in a place she’s familiar with. Otherwise, she’s not going to enjoy it and it may take longer for her to finish the hunt.

6. Fortune Cookies

If your girlfriend is the kind that will pick up a fortune cookie eagerly, you should definitely do this. You could take her to her favorite restaurant. You should have already arranged with the manager or an employee at the restaurant to put your message into a fortune cookie and have it given to your girl when you walk into the restaurant or when you get the check. Alternatively, you could write 20 messages (that include things you like about her or about how you feel about her) and put them all into fortune cookies and have them in a small basket on your table which she can open one by one and feel special by the minute. After she’s done with all the cookies, you could give her the last one with the question.

7. Get your pet to ask on your behalf

If you have a talking parrot or a very loyal dog, now is the time to put them to good use. If your girl adores pets, yo don’t have to think further than this. Invite her home and train your pet to walk towards them adorably with the question.

8. Display it on the Big Screen

There are event planning groups that can get this done for you. Alternatively, if you know someone who works at the theatre, that’ll work too. Basically, the idea is to display your message along with a cute photograph of you guys on the big screen to be displayed for a few seconds during the intermission. But make sure you get your girl all the popcorn she needs so that she stays put during the intermission.

9. Ask With A Balloon

Get a hugeeeee balloon. Write your message on it. Walk to her with it. Or tie it to her car or her house’s door knob. Done. She’ll call you immediately with a huge smile screaming “Yesssss!”.

10. Amuse Her A with A Series Of Little Treats

Some girls like chocolates and candy. Some like flowers. Find that one thing that can make your girl go from ‘Bleh’ to ‘Eeeeeeeeee” and give her loads of it, one by one. At the end of your streak of little treats, ask her.

11. Plan the perfect day

After 4 or 5 days, you will know her likes, dislikes and hobbies. Now with this golden information, plan an entire day doing things she loves. Spend quality time with her from the morning, throughout the day. When you drop her back at home that night, ask her.

12. Play her favorite song

Music is everyone’s best friend. If you are a guy with a nice voice who can play an instrument, sing her favorite track for her or write a song for her. Do it in a park or in the yard of your house.

13. Ask Her with a Website

If you know some stuff about how websites work, get your own website and post pictures, cute messages and video messages and make her feel loved and special. Just send her the link when she’s least expecting it.

14. Let your T-Shirt do the talking

This is probably the cheeeeeeesiet idea on this list. If you are that kind of a guy, go ahead and get this customised T-Shirt with your message. Wear a jacket over it and when you are ready to ask her, remove the jacket.

Pro Tip: If you are not entirely sure that she’ll say “Yes”, you can get the T-Shirt without her name and use it again *wink wink*

15. QR Code

If you are a techie, get the QR code of your message and get it on a necklace or bracelet and give it to her. When she scans it, she’ll know what your special message is.

16. Go Chocolaty

These readymade boxes of chocolates are very easily available. If you want to include her name, you may have to find a customized gift site. Just get the box and give it to her. With any luck, you’ll be feeding each other these chocolates.

17. Light up The Roof

Get your girl to your roof and light up your message when she least expects it and she’ll be awed by how beautiful it looks and she’ll definitely say “Yes”.

18. Flip the Question

If you are even a slight bit of an artist, make a flipbook and ask her on the last page.

19. Good Old Fashioned Text Message

If you are not comfortable with the other ways, you could always go with a simple text message.