CBD Vs. THC: How to Consume Each?

Weed is usually consumed as a bud crushed and filled to make joints. However, the two components of weed THC and cannabidiol are different. THC, which originates from THCA, is present in marijuana, while CBD is common in hemp.

Customers use multiple methods to consume both these compounds that we have compiled. The way you should take it would depend on your target effect and preferences. By getting familiar with these methods, you can also discover the best one to consume THC or CBD.


Best Methods to Consume THC

Though THC and cannabidiol are both cannabinoids, they come from different plants. Hence, the methods and products for consuming them also differ slightly. There are more methods than mentioned below, but these are the most popular ones. So let’s begin by looking at a few ways to consume THC:

  • Joints/Cigarettes

Marijuana joints are a method you might have already seen or heard. The producers take marijuana buds, crush them and roll them into joints. Undoubtedly, some people perform these steps themselves since it is relatively simple. They are highly concentrated and quick in action but pose a health hazard due to inhaling smoke.

  • Vape Pens/Tanks

Vaping is quite similar to smoking THC, except that the carrier in vaping is vapor, not smoke. Some people prefer this method because the absence of smoke makes it a relatively safe option to choose. THC vaping juices come in many flavors and concentrations that customers love.

  • Pills/Capsules

For people who need to consume THC for medical purposes, the taste and experience might not always be pleasurable. So people who want the effects of THC take THC pills or capsules available in the market. The pills are effective and have a quicker impact, but they are slower than vaping.

  • Food Items

For people who do not like the act of smoking or vaping, adding marijuana to food is the best way to take THC. You can add a crushed bud into your food or beverage to get the desired effect. You must have heard of weed brownies or cookies, and these baked goods live up to the hype.

  • Gummies

THC gummies are another ideal option for people who dislike the taste of marijuana. Gummies have sugar and flavors that make them much easier to consume than other products. Additionally, they come with a set dosage per gummy, making it easy to regulate your intake.

Best Methods to Consume CBD


Just like THC, CBD also has various products and methods for people. Cannabidiol comes from industrial hemp, which can get used similar to marijuana. But some unique health benefits of cannabidiol have brought out fresher ways too. Here are the most common ways to intake CBD:

  • Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is the perfect way to consume CBD since it is the most unprocessed product. Hemp oil gets extracted from hemp and is one of the most natural methods. Of course, these oils are usually full-spectrum in nature, but you can get others too. Hemp oil is also ideal for tea if direct consumption is not preferred.

  • Vape Pens/Tanks

Since vaping is the most effective and quickest way to consume cannabidiol, it is a crowd favorite. Nowadays, you can find CBD vape juice all over the internet and in local stores. Cannabidiol vape products also come in many flavors and concentrations.

  • Capsules

You can buy hemp or CBD capsules online or in a store nearby. If you dislike the strong taste of cannabidiol but still want its medical benefits, then these capsules are perfect. Nowadays, you might even find them in pharmacies or health stores.

  • Ointments

One proven benefit of CBD is pain relief, so ointments and balms are getting more popular. Ointments or topicals are ideal for joint and muscle pains since you can apply them to the target area. People who aren’t comfortable with consuming cannabidiol can use this method instead.

  • Gummies

Cannabidiol gummies have gained much popularity in the market for their features. They are sweet and enjoyable but still have all the effects of hemp oil. Hence, many users turn to gummies and avoid the bitter cannabidiol taste.

What to Keep in Mind While Choosing?

The various ways to consume THC and CBD are ideal- even though their intensity and time of impact differ. But we must remember that everyone uses THC or CBD for a different reason. Due to this subjective nature, the perfect method will also be varied for individuals.

So what is the best for you might not be the best for someone else? Hence, you could consider some aspects before deciding what method to choose. Here are some things you can keep in mind while choosing your way to consume CBD or THC:

  • Purpose or Aim

The first thing you should remember while choosing is why you consume them. For example, some people want to take THC for fun and recreation. In that case, smoking or vaping would be the ideal choice. But for a person consuming it medically, a pill would be better.

Similarly, for CBD, if one wants to lower their anxiety, a CBD oil would suffice. But if someone is using CBD for joint pain, they should go for an ointment instead.

  • Speed

The speed of the methods also makes all the difference to many users. Some products help the compound kick in faster, while some are slow but lasting. Vaping is the quickest way to consume both CBD and THC. 

So if you want quick results, then vaping would be ideal. But if you prefer slower and more lasting effects, you could opt for gummies instead.

  • Lasting Time/ Dosage

The concentration/intensity of the method also differs, so it is essential to note. Not everyone requires the same amount of CBD or THC to serve their purpose. 

Some people find gummies enough, while others require oils and concentrate for the desired feeling. So you can choose a method that has the perfect intensity of these compounds.


Now that you have seen the diverse methods people use to consume CBD and THC, you have more consumption options. The best part is that these methods and products are available in local and online stores.

Hence, you can begin using CBD or THC in whichever method you deem fit. Keep in mind your priorities related to the substance and choose a product from the above list for an ideal CBD/THC experience.