CBD Oil vs THC Oil — Biggest Difference Between THC and CBD

For people wanting to use THC and CBD for medical purposes for the very first time, deciding which one is the best option can be difficult, since they are both similar in a way, but very different when compared thoroughly. 

With that said, they are both present in the cannabis plant, which tends to be the principal source of marijuana-based products, both for medical and recreational purposes. But let’s talk about both compounds in detail to let people understand their differences, and help them decide which one is the best option for their own circumstances.

Talking About THC

Believe it or not, medical cannabis has been present in our history ever since the early 1800s, being widely introduced in our culture around 1830. It was often used as an infusion combined with different beverages, including tea and wine, but it was mostly smoked for a more rapid and strong effect. 

The way cannabis affects our body is through two compounds, CBD and THC, with THC being much more present in this specific plant. THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, it’s the main compound found in this plant and it is what provides it with its most recognizable feature: the ability to get both animals and humans high.

Talking About CBD

Now, CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is pretty similar to THC, but it works differently if we compare them. The similarities are clear: it is also very present in the cannabis plant, yet in far lower amounts in comparison to tetrahydrocannabinol. Secondly, this one compound is not capable of getting people and animals high, so it is a much safer alternative.

The thing is: most cannabidiol-based products are produced from a different plant to cannabis, one that is still very close to it but has a different compound structure: the hemp plant.

This plant is well known for containing very low THC levels, not surpassing 0.3% of its structure. With that said, all CBD products need to follow up on the same statement in order to be legal, containing only 0.3% of this compound.

When we talk about the medical use of cannabidiol in comparison to its counterpart and marijuana, it makes it a much more reliable alternative for people who need to be on their right mind, without being intoxicated in any way.  If you are interested, you can always continue reading more detailed information in the previous link.

The Reason Why People Prefer Them Both

Now, for those who don’t know why people actually use them marijuana, cannabis, and CBD products for medical purposes, I will showcase some of the reasons in this section.

Firstly, cannabis and cannabidiol are capable of reducing inflammation, which makes it a very good alternative for people who suffer from inflammatory diseases and conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. 

It is also a very good pain reliever, and nowadays you can even find CBD-based products aimed towards pets, which are very safe considering its low levels of THC, a compound that is well known for being toxic for animals. Thus, pet owners and people who suffer from pain-inducing conditions buy it for themselves and their pets.

Believe it or not, people who suffer from epileptic seizures have started to use cannabis as well, which is has been proven, along with cannabidiol, to be a great alternative to reduce epileptic seizures, with a reduction of attacks going up to 32%.

There are some people who prefer cannabis because of the recreational side of the plant, but if you are not into getting high, you can always rely on cannabidiol products for the same results.

Both options are great for dealing with anxiety and insomnia, and there are some pet owners who purchase cannabidiol treats and oil for their pets since it is a great choice for pets that suffer from separation anxiety.

The main reason why people go for cannabis and CBD, though, is because of their harmless side-effects, compared to other more standard forms of medicines and drugs aiming to deal with the same problems. These, in the long term run, can cause damage and change the behavior and attitude of a person because of their side-effects. 

THC and CBD can be easily deal with when managing the right dosage, it is a much safer option, and people who have been under treatment of more traditional pain-killers have found it to be a miraculous choice. 

Of course, you can always check more complete information over here https://www.healthline.com/health/cbd-vs-thc if you are interested in the chemical differences of both compounds. Also if you are interested in medical marijuana card online doctor you can check out them.

Ideally, you should just go for the option that suits your need and circumstances the most, considering that both are great choices for medical purposes.