Casual Shoes for Men: How to Select the Right Pair?

With the acceptance of casual wear in workplaces, parties, and other meetings, casual shoes have become the go-to choose when a person wants to buy casual shoes for men online. However, choosing the wrong choice of footwear can land you up in the worst dressed category. Shoes are the most important aspect as they not only add to your style but also provide you with comfort all day long, keeping your feet safe and pain-free. A pair of casual footwear for men acts as a final finishing touch on any everyday outfit. A good pair of casual shoes must have the ability to complement your outfit every time, reflecting your fashion sense and style. The right pair of shoes can turn even simple daytime wear into fashionable ensembles and make a style statement. There’s a whole world of casual shoes waiting for you to get explored at Campus Shoes.  

You wouldn’t want to have a fashion faux-pas in the middle of an event. Also, you don’t want to spend a fortune wearing the most expensive men’s footwear for the sake of fashion. For all different occasions and outfits, there are different types of shoe styles for you. But it is very important to understand how to pick up the right shoes whenever you want to buy casual shoes for men online.

How to choose casual footwear for men?

Mentioned below are some tips that you must keep in mind while selecting the right pair of casual shoes: 

1. Choose quality over quantity- 

Always invest in good-quality shoes. Choose the shoes that will give you years of wear. It’s far better to own one or two good pairs of men’s footwear rather than some seven or eight poor-quality ones. They’ll last a very long time, and your feet will definitely feel the difference in the long run. 

2. Choose classic styles- 

The fashion industry is not stagnant at all. Every day, new styles come and go. So, following the trend is not possible always. But there are certain styles that are classic and will never go out of fashion. It is always recommended to get a couple of pairs of classic casual style shoes in colors like brown, blue or black.  

3. Comfort and fit matter the most- 

Comfort and fit matter more than style. After all, what’s the point of owning some stylish and expensive shoes if you are not at all comfortable wearing them. The comfort and fit are important aspects of the shoe. Wearing a pair that is too large for you will affect the way you walk or stand, also contributing to foot and back strain.  

Types of casual footwear for men: 

1. Sneakers- 

Sneakers are one of the most loved footwears and are owned and loved by almost every man, no matter the age. Every man’s wardrobe will have a good pair of sneakers. Sneakers come in various styles and shapes. Sneakers are a great pair of casual shoes that will help you to show your personality and style. Sneakers go with almost every outfit, giving you the required comfort and style at the same time.  Sneakers are reliable and affordable too, and one can easily buy those waterproof sneakers at “Loom”, which can be the best choice for men. Loom is a sustainable brand that guarantees an eco-friendly manufacturing process and uses cruelty-free materials to make the sneakers.

2. Espadrilles- 

Espadrilles are a no-hassle attached slip-on footwear and very easy to wear with a guarantee of comfort all day long. You can pair your espadrilles with t-shirts, denims, chinos, or anything casual. You can even wear these casual espadrilles to your office as well. Espadrilles are a great choice that makes your casual dressing more fun and comfortable.  

3. Boat shoes- 

These casual shoes represent a sailor-like demeanour; therefore, they are known as boat shoes. They usually come in different types of leather or canvas material and feature a low cut, soft rubber sole, and laces that run through the eyelets on top and side. Boat shoes are quite versatile and can be easily paired with almost every outfit. You can pair your boat shoes with a pair of blue pair of denims or chinos with a polo shirt, and you are ready to rock your evening!  

4. Moccasins-  

The style of moccasins is quite similar to a boat shoe. Moccasins don’t have a heel, and the upper and sole are made of the same material. But they are super comfortable to wear, as they are designed in a very soft way. Also, with a pair of moccasins, you can easily eliminate the need to do your laces every time you leave the house. That’s a plus point! 

5. Loafers– 

The most versatile shoes ever, loafers are casual shoes suitable for all categories. You can’t really go wrong with loafers, as they can be worn with any outfit and to any location or occasion. Loafers sit right on the edge between casual and formal men’s shoes, which means you can wear them to the office, on a date or whenever running errands. You can wear them with or without socks, as it has an active-inspired rubber outsole. If you want a fantastic shoe, look no further than the classic men’s loafer.  

6. Casual slip-on shoes- 

A casual slip-on shoe isn’t a sneaker nor a shoe for formal attire, but this style has leather uppers and performance outsoles. It is easy to wear and remove these comfortable slip-on shoes and they are a perfect fit for a variety of occasions. 

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Bottom line: 

You might be thinking that how can one ever go wrong with casual shoes! The only problem is, there are tons of styles and choices available and there is a high probability that you might get confused. Shop the fashion-forward collection of men’s casual shoes from Campus Shoes. Once you visit the website, you will find a range of different types of men’s footwear in a variety of colors and patterns to cater to the requirements of one and all.