Card games: India stands out on Heartstone

A favourite pastime in India for ages has been playing cards and its origin can be traced to the 16th century Mughal emperors.

Card games have been popular for a variety of reasons in India, one of which is the fact that they are easy to play and tend to bring family and friends together to have a good time with each other. But 2 years ago government restrictions meant that movement was highly limited and everyone was confined to their homes.

Being in this novel condition, Indians in a bid to wave off boredom, played card games more than any other time in the nation’s history, and when these restrictions were relaxed later on, and movement was allowed, the love for card games that had tripled during the early stages of the pandemic ensured that Indians kept playing them, even when they had access to more fun things to do.

Games from the pre-computer era are still popular today. If anything, the internet has given players a lot more options. If we had to compare with Canada. Every card fan in Canada is undoubtedly familiar with various games. Euchre is a trick-taking board game popular in Canada and other English-speaking nations. Texas Hold’em is another popular game that can be found at Top Canadian Online Casinos. Texas Hold’em is a poker variation in which each player is handed two cards face down and may utilise any or both of them, along with either of the five cards dealt face up and shared by all players, to build the best possible hand.

Card games have always been popular in India, but the production of mobile card games made that niche of gaming even more popular.

Some well-known card games include:

  1. Teen patti
  2. Rummy
  3. Andar Bahar amongst others.

An exciting mobile card game that is taking India by storm and becoming really popular is the Hearthstone card video game. Let’s find out more !

Hearthstone card video games: Introduction

Hearthstone is a digital collectible card game that is set in Warcraft fashion. It is a turn-based game where two opponents face off in classic card game fashion. Here, they each use constructed decks of 30 cards together with a hero selected by them. The goal is to destroy one’s opponent’s hero and players do this by using mana crystals which are limited in the game to bring forth minions or play abilities that will attack the opponent’s hero, ultimately killing it.

Why is the Hearthstone card video game popular in India?

Besides the fact that the Hearthstone card video game is an addictive favourite pastime for Indians who play it, the digital collectible card game also gave India her first medal at the 2018 Asian Games Event where eSports was introduced as a demonstration event courtesy of Tirth Mehta, the best player of the game in the country. Tirth won bronze for India at the 2018 Asian Games event by playing the game, and his feat at that event has made the game more popular in the country as a consequence because Indian card gamers see Tirth as a motivation to strive for greater medals at the 2022 Asian Games event where eSports will be a medal event and not a demonstration event as it was in the 2018 Asian Games event.

Why India can win a gold medal in the game at the 2022 Asian Games

There is a huge number of skilled card games players in India, some of whom play the Hearthstone card video game leisurely and now that the card video game is going to be a medal event at the 2022 Asian Games event, they have cause to believe that they have a shot at getting the gold medal on the game at the event. Tirth Mehta can also be said to be their motivation for this.

Other card games

There are other card games, like teen patti real cash game, that are user-friendly and a favourite pastime for most Indians.Teen patti for instance, is Indian’s best free online card game because of how easy and entertaining it is.

Don’t wait any longer, try your hand at Heartstone or online teen patti these two games can be played on mobile as well as on computer .