Cannabis auto-flowering seeds: is it possible to grow them?

The cultivation of legal cannabis is a practice that does not involve the infringement of any rules: it is necessary, however, to understand what the best feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds are.

The cultivation of legal cannabis is a practice that does not involve the infringement of any rules: it is necessary, however, to understand what autoflowering seeds are, i.e., seeds that give life to plants capable of flowering within a couple of weeks. If you decide to grow autoflowering seeds.

There is no need to think about lighting and not even to trigger the processes from which flowering originates, unlike what you should do, instead, with other plants.

The most important characteristics of autoflowering seeds

To grow autoflowering seeds, they need less time, to the point that there are different types of cannabis that are ready within a couple of months from the moment of germination.

These plants also offer another benefit that should not be underestimated: they have small dimensions and a compact format, which means that they are ideal for growing indoors and at home.

Since they are simple seeds, they are good for those who have never cultivated before and consequently lack specific experience in this area. This does not mean that even the most experienced growers can obtain satisfactory results from autoflowering plants, and moreover saving a lot of effort and time.

What are photoperiod plants

Also known by the definition of feminized plants, photoperiod plants are characterized by a flowering that varies, from the point of view of the modalities and timing, depending on the amount of light they absorb.

Such plants in nature begin the flowering phase when the days begin to shorten. If you do indoor cultivation, however, you need 12 hours of light alternating with 12 hours of darkness.

As for autoflowering strains, they are non-photoperiodic, as they don’t need a specific amount of light to start flowering. Autoflowering seeds take 4 weeks for self-flowering; after sowing, however, the harvest usually has to be done within two and a half months.

The plants are kept on small dimensions, and also for this reason they do not require specific attention or particular care. Several harvests are possible in a single season, due to the speed of development times.

How autoflowering seeds are grown

There are no contraindications to the choice of growing autoflowering plants at home, but to obtain the desired results, it is necessary to favour a soil with a softer consistency than the one used for feminized plants.

There are no significant differences, however, from the perspective of the lighting program, which can be the same as that provided for photoperiod plants if one focuses on growing at home. There is no need to think about the rhythm of the seasons if, on the contrary, you are inclined to grow outdoors.

The timing to be evaluated

At any time of the year it is possible to plant autoflowering seeds, it being understood that particular attention must be paid to frosts and cold. 

The harvest can be done in about ten weeks, and as mentioned over the course of a season, there can be various crops: just plant the seeds a few weeks apart. Precisely because the dimensions are contained, even those who cannot count on large spaces will be able to plant a certain number of plants. 

The most appropriate temperature for cultivation is around 20 degrees; it is good to avoid lower or higher temperatures because the risk is to compromise the development of the plants. Humidity must also be monitored, at a level of 50% that guarantees flawless seed growth, free from pathogens or moulds.

The nourishment

Unlike photoperiod plants, autoflowering plants do not need considerable amounts of nutrients, and a similar argument can also be made for water. It is clear, in fact, that a smaller size corresponds to a reduced amount of absorption. This means that you should never wet the soil too much, waiting for it to be completely dry before proceeding with a new irrigation. As for the fertilizer, it can be distributed, but in lower quantities than those foreseen for feminized plants.

Good reasons to favour autoflowering seeds

Ease of cultivation is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why autoflowering plants and seeds are worth choosing. The fact that they have modest dimensions means that they can be used even if the space available is limited.

From the consumers’ perspective, their choice falls on autoflowering cannabis by virtue of the wide range of varieties : this means that it is possible to find different types of plants able to satisfy anyone’s tastes and satisfy every need.

In short, whether you decide to smoke with the intent to stretch out and relax or do it to find some sort of stimulation, autoflowering seeds and plants are always good. Their THC content, on the other hand, it is lower than that which characterizes feminized plants. That’s why there are specific strains that allow you to have legal cannabis available.

Where autoflowering seeds are bought

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