Candidate skills assessment software and its value in recruitment

You must make use of the online skills testing software when you’ve started talent sourcing. Why? Well, it makes the process of candidate skills testing truly efficient and effective. 

Hiring companies expect only the best candidates. Getting top talent on the shortlist of candidates makes their final recruiting decision easier. And recruiters work to ensure that they deliver on this expectation. It is, therefore, necessary for staffing agencies to leverage the skills assessment software to ensure that the recruiter gets high-calibre applicants. 

Value of pre-employment skills testing

Evaluating applicants at the pre-employment stage supports an organised, speedy, efficient, and informed way of hiring the best candidates. There will be many times when recruiters and client companies will be faced with a handful of equally qualified applicants. Then it can be difficult to decide which one of the candidates seem better suited to the role and the company.

Or recruiters might have a challenging time going through hundreds of job applications. This is especially taxing when the hiring has to be done swiftly. 

Partnering with a candidate skills assessment software simplifies the work of filtering job applicants. Smart recruiters understand that investing time to sift through the applicant list at the beginning of the recruiting process is valuable. This prevents the wrong hire. Employing an unsuitable candidate is detrimental for the company because it involves repeating the entire recruitment process once again. It is simply a waste of time and resources so getting the right candidate on the first try is crucial.

Integrating online skills testing into the recruitment method

Digital and remote hiring procedures have been adopted by all the staffing agencies and employers in the last couple of years. Therefore, the use of an online skills testing software has become more prevalent than ever. 

It offers more benefits than on-site testing. First, nothing can surpass the efficiency of evaluating all the applicants without spending hours trying to arrange time and date according to everyone’s convenience. Now recruiters can simply choose the assessment they need and send it to the candidate or group of candidates whose talent they want to evaluate.

Good candidate skills testing software vendors make sure to offer a comprehensive set of skills tests. The most common ones include the literacy skills tests and the numeracy skills tests. Along with MS Office skills testing, these assessments are valid for office-based roles where a good head of grammar, spelling, and math are necessary.

For more industry-specific roles, we have accounting skills tests as well healthcare and driving skills tests. Many employers prefer to hire candidates who can accommodate to the existing company culture and whose values reflect the company’s own. Psychometric testing measures an individual’s skills and strengths when it comes to leadership, communication, critical thinking, and other interpersonal abilities. 

These are all appropriate skills tests designed to evaluate candidates for the role they want to take on. Each assessment has standard questions. They were created to assess all the applicants objectively. 
Simply put, candidate skills testing streamlines the filtering and recruiting process. Hiring is competitive. Recruiters and companies desire the best candidate in the market. Consequently, having a skills testing software that integrates with the staffing agency’s recruitment agency software platform is critical for a speedy, effortless and effective recruiting system.