Caleta Gaming takes bingo to a new level with Bingo Royale

Caleta Gaming is one of the most successful software providers of top-quality online casino games. They have released a few fan-favourite slots like Paradise Trippies and have catered to niches like video bingo and scratch cards. This time, Caleta has stepped up their game for Bingo Royale.

Bingo Royale has a 95.65% return to player (RTP) rate with simple and fun game mechanics ensuring a streamlined gaming experience. The minimum bet is 0.04 while the maximum is 80 in United States dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), or British pound sterling (GBP). Value can vary in other currencies based on the exchange rate recognised by the casino operator. 

Although officially categorised as ‘video bingo’, you can find Bingo Royale under slots or ‘other games’ depending on the casino operator. Always try using the site’s search engine or simply browse under Caleta Gaming to find it quickly. 

How to play Bingo Royale

Playing Bingo Royale is easy whether you are familiar with bingo or not. There are only a few elements to remember as most of its parts use a random number generator (RNG). Here are the only two factors you need to know to start playing Bingo Royale:

Basic controls

Bingo Royale plays the same way as slot games. All you have to do is decide how much you want to put on stake then press the spin button to get a random result. The difference is that there are four grids to look at per spin and there is another game mode to wait for. 

Each of the four grids are mini bingo sheets with five columns and three rows. The numbers on each sheet don’t change every round but you can swap them for a random set by pressing the ‘change cards’ symbol next to the turbo button.

The symbol next to that, a card with a number at the top, is a button for changing your number of sheets active. Its default is 4 but you can decrease it down to 3, 2, and 1. Doing so lowers your chances of winning but it raises the payout. It also lowers the minimum and maximum ante to as low as 0.01-20.00 

A new round begins once you press the spin button and the game selects 32 numbers, then it marks matching numbers on the sheets if there are any. All four sheets in Bingo Royale share all 32 drawn numbers, marking the same set of numbers on different sheets if there are any. 

The best feature in Bingo Royale is the ability to buy 13 extra balls for many chances to fill the gaps on patterns that are almost complete from the initial spin. Every ball you buy is random but there is a special one that lets you choose the number you want unlocked. 

The goal of the game

Your goal in Bingo Royale is simple. That is to match any of the winning patterns as indicated at the pay table at the top part of the screen. The highest-paying pattern is frequently called a blackout where all the numbers on a sheet are marked. Next to it needs only the outer layers, meaning all 1st and 3rd columns and rows but not the three slots in the middle. 

There is a special pattern that triggers a bonus mode and it requires the following slots:

  • All of columns 2 and 3
  • Row 2 of columns 1 and 5
  • Rows 1 and 3 of column 3

This triggers the Diamond Delight mode where you get to play a new game. This time, you choose one from 10 drinks. Whatever it reveals becomes your prize with varying rates but the most valuable of them all is the diamond, giving you the biggest payout in the game.

Two of the most common outcomes are simply called 1 line (1L) and 2 lines (2L) which refers to 1 or 2 rows marked per card respectively. Another pattern you can complete is the cross involving full marks of column 3 and row 3 specifically. You can also form parallels with columns 1 and 5. The lowest-paying pattern so far involves marking all four corners of a bingo sheet. 

Where to play Bingo Royale

Bingo Royale can be played in almost every online casino but it’s best that you opt for the top-rated ones like Bitcasino. Caleta made it accessible on all desktop, Android, and iOS devices thanks to being built on HTML5. It is supported by Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari browsers but some casinos, like Bitcasino, have mobile apps that can also run Bingo Royale. 

Why play Bingo Royale

Caleta Gaming made Bingo Royale playable in almost every online casino to give everyone the best video bingo experience. Try it at some of the best gambling sites out there where the bonus can boost your bankroll. What makes Bingo Royale standout is its relatively low ante-requirement compared to slots and other video bingo games. The ability to buy extra balls makes winning top patterns easier, too, giving you more value for your bankroll.