Here is what Bulgarians have to know about betting on sports when choosing Efbet

Betting on sports has fans in every corner of the world, especially in Europe. People who like this hobby have the chance to choose from an impressive range of iGaming sites that provide different kinds of options. For example, some people can wager on 1×2 and Over/Under, which are some of Efbet’s most popular sports betting markets in Bulgaria and many other parts of the world. That said, the operator has many other things to offer.

Bulgarians have been betting on sports for many years because this thing is legal in the country. Even though locals used to visit land-based betting shops, those places are no longer available. Instead, everyone interested in punting on sports has to do that online.

Unsurprisingly, there are loads of different betting operators to pick from. Many of them offer good services, but there is no arguing that Efbet is in a league of its own. This site allows users to choose from an impressive selection of things that can satisfy everyone. Speaking of the devil, here are some things Bulgarian sports betting enthusiasts should know about Efbet.

The number of sports is impressive

What is the first thing that online bettors check when they decide to use an online bookmaker? Some are interested in things like licenses, but inexperienced punters always go through the available sports. That’s the reason why Efbet wanted to provide Bulgarians with an impressive selection of sports.

Of course, most of the people in the country interested in betting on sports choose football. Some of them will want to wager on the local league, whereas others will prefer to choose things like the EPL, La Liga, or Serie A. That said, Efbet has many other football competitions, so users will always find something interesting.

In addition to football, Efbet also gives Bulgarians the opportunity to wager on all kinds of other sports. Some will choose basketball, boxing, American football, golf, F1, Table Tenis, Water Polo, and more. The company even offers one of the best eSports betting options because it has games like Dota 2, CSGO, and much more.

An important thing that Bulgarian bettors have to take into account is that they can access all sports no matter the device they’re using. Unlike other bookmakers that will only offer their complete selection of sports to people who use their desktop platform, Efbet offers these options to mobile users. Hence, Bulgarians can get the app or use the mobile site and punt on everything they like.

Efbet offers live betting

One of the many reasons why punters in Bulgaria were interested in the land-based betting shops is because they allowed them to wager on live events. Not everyone is interested in live betting, but experienced gamblers are aware that punting on live events has tons of perks. For example, people can find new markets, and they have the chance to use dynamic odds that change depending on the game’s course.

While it is true that some bookies may allow Bulgarian betting fans to punt on live events from the comfort of their homes, the options don’t come close to what’s available on Efbet. Even inexperienced gamblers will have the opportunity to avail themselves of way more matches, tons of markets, and some of the highest odds in the business.

Aside from the more options to wager on, Bulgarians who choose Efbet will notice that the site has special features that others do not offer. For example, they can keep track of certain events without opening a live stream. What’s even more impressive is that the operator has special live statistics that allow people to keep track of various things.

There are things, such as Fast Cash

Efbet is one of the leaders in sports betting in Bulgaria for a reason, and one of them is an option called Fast Cash. This is one of the things that iGaming fans in the country can’t find anywhere else because it is an exclusive option available to Efbet users.

Fast Cash, as its name implies, allows bettors to wager on something that is about to happen within the first 10 minutes of the beginning of an event. In other words, if you win, Efbet will pay your winnings once the 11th minute of a given match begins. Unsurprisingly, this feature is only available to people who wager on football because this is the most popular sport in the country.

There aren’t that many Fast Cash markets to pick from, but you may come across at least a couple of options. Make sure to check which match you can bet on because Efbet may limit the eligible events.

The site has virtual sports

If Bulgarians get bored of betting on football and other kinds of traditional sports, they can also use Efbet’s other betting categories. Many will choose the casino, but it is important to know that the site also has virtual sports. Those things are viral among punters in other European countries, but most Bulgarians are not that interested in them.

Having said that, the virtual sports options at Efbet are much better than what’s available on other sites. Besides the fact that they offer way more markets, the number of computer simulations is more impressive.

Starting with virtual football, fans can avail themselves of non-stop action that covers different leagues. What’s interesting about virtual soccer is that there is always an event to bet on. Furthermore, the odds are always good, no matter the market you go for.

If football doesn’t seem interesting, Efbet also has virtual tennis. Unlike other options that feature fictional players, this virtual tennis player lets users bet on their favorite stars, such as Federer, Dimitrov, and so on. Once again, gamblers have the chance to use tons of markets and good odds.

If tennis and football are not something you are interested in, the platform will offer you basketball, dog races, horse racing, and baseball. Each of these virtual sports will allow you to choose from multiple markets and tons of other options.