Boost your sexual intimacy with fun vibrators

Sex toys play a pivotal role in assisting couples to compound their intimacy and add a spicy flavour to their sensuality. Read this blog to know how introducing a vibrator in your bedroom strengthens the intimate connection you share with your partner.

There are many surprising reasons why you should bring a dildo into the bedroom play. Your relationship with your partner witnesses a steep elevation in intimacy and excitement when you both enjoy sex toys equally. If you are clueless about how to approach this subject, or how to use them during sex, read further and gain some fascinating insights on how to make it happen. Our  effective ideas in enhancing your pleasure experience. We’ll help you have your best sex of your life, and give you something to cherish for a very long time.

Vibrators are a great way to opening conversations

If you are starting from zero, talk about vibrators first with your partner. Casually slip the topic during a conversation and notice the initial reaction. You can do so by referring to a scene in a movie, something your friend said, or something you read. Sex toys are now getting common, and their related taboos are quickly dissolving. So, there’s a good chance your partner may also be secretly excited about trying it out themselves. 

If you aren’t sure your partner is ready for a conversation like this, consider these various ways of framing it in front of them:

The use of female dildos or vibrators isn’t exclusively for those who have weird interests. More couples are happily incorporating toys into their sex lives and are noticing its amazing benefits. They are not necessarily a replacement for a real partner. They are merely tools for sexual enhancements. Both of you can equally derive pleasure from sex toys. Vibrators are usually attached to women’s use, but not many know the tons of ways that men can also enjoy vibrators during sex.

In principle, using a vibrator is very similar to applying lube, or getting down with little dirty talk. It’s just a pleasure enhancer to make your moments unforgettably exciting. When you incorporate a vibrator into your sex life, you’ll notice a heightened intimacy, and the chances of you both reaching breath-taking orgasms are doubled.

They help non-receptive partners to turn things around

Feeling a bit unsure about the idea of sex toys is very different from having an actual aversion to trying it. One benefit of being in a long-term relationship is that you’ll already be comfortable enough to talk about your partner’s avoidance. You need to identify whether it is due to past trauma, subconscious stigma, fear of sexual adequacy, or it could be being very self-conscious.

If your partner is averted due to having unfair judgement towards vibrators, or if they believe pleasure is only to be derived out of intercourse, they may be having a deeper issue within, or with the relationship in itself. When your partner is completely closed off to something that could elevate the pleasure and intimacy, it could mean that they are prioritising their pleasure and comfort over yours. Chances are that they might not even realize it.

You can explore some discreet options that could act as an alternative for those that are closed off to use sex toys. A vibrating cock-ring is a fantastic choice, it is a starter sex toy that gives one partner clitoral stimulation while the other enjoys penetrative sex. There are also many cool brands like Trykartehai with the best sex toys for couples. They help you spice things up in your bedroom the right way and fuel your sexual adventures.

Regardless of whether you are into a long term relationship or just into casual flings, you should not be made to feel uncomfortable for your unique choices of boosting pleasure. Having sex with you should be a privilege, to have it they should respect, and play a contributing part in your ways of enhancing sensual pleasure. 

You’re in for a surprise to know that they have already thought of playing with the toys and encourage your erotic zeal. In such a fortunate situation, be open to ideas, and wholeheartedly spill those ideas with them.

Try shopping for a vibrator together

If your partner knows nothing about vibrators, ease the task of buying a vibrator by doing it together. And experiencing the sweet moments of intimacy while learning something exciting. If your partner already feels comfortable around vibrators, shopping together will be pure fun.

You can browse through many amazing sex toys from online stores like Trykartehai. You’ll explore a whole new world of attractive and appealing variety for more versatile modes of stimulation. You can start your exploration and experience in what makes you both comfortable, then you can step up to try something daring.

Remember to take into consideration 

Sex toys are to be regularly cleaned, especially after every time you use them. There are high chances of transferring harmful bacteria and STIs. Thus cleaning is a must-do if you use your toys with multiple partners.

The way you protect yourself against STIs using condoms, do the same by having some or the other barrier with the sex toys. You can use a condom the same way on toys, or you can play with the toys wearing your undergarments.

Cleaning is done to eliminate infectious pathogens. Protective barriers are to protect you from the same pathogens hiding in nooks and crannies. And condoms should be changed after each use.

To be on the safer side, only stick to body-safe toys that you get from trusted stores. Avoid unsafe attractive varieties that catch only your eye. So you don’t catch anything dangerous.