Boho Style Home Decor 2022: The Latest Trends In Bohemian Design For An Earthy Feel

Published on: 15/Dec/2020

Boho-chic home decor is all about embracing your inner bohemian. The style is a relaxed and unstructured look that reflects your personal interests and passions. It’s not just about the things you put in your house, but also how you choose to display them. Boho decor features natural finishes, earthy tones, and neutral accents. You can inject this unpretentious style into any room by using light-colored walls, natural or neutral flooring, and wooden furniture if possible. In this blog post we will go through some ideas for boho home decor 2022. If you are interested in learning more about the inspiration behind it, read on…

Find the Right Color Palette

The color palette of a room can either enhance or hinder the overall look of your home decor. Before you even begin to buy furniture or accessories, you should have a color scheme in mind. You can choose to go with one color as the main theme, or mix a couple of them together to create a more complex scheme. When it comes to boho home decor, there are two main color schemes that you can go for. The first is warm beiges, soft browns, and subtle golds. 

The second is a mixture of blues and greens, with a hint of red. Regardless of which color scheme you decide to go with, make sure that you are consistent with it. This will help to create a visual flow throughout the room, as well as making everything look more cohesive.

Incorporate Natural Elements

One of the most important things to remember when decorating a room is to be mindful of the natural elements that are already there. If your home is surrounded by trees and plants, then you can build on that aesthetic by incorporating them into your home decor. A few ways to do this is by displaying potted plants on shelves or windowsills, using vines to frame or drape the walls, or using natural materials like wood or stones to build furniture. 

Natural elements such as wood, stones, and plants may not fall under the “decor” category, but they are essential to a boho interior that is true to its nature.

Add Dark Shading and Texture

When you hear the word “boho,” you might instantly think of bright colors, flowers, and feathers. But while all of these are common themes in the style, they aren’t the only ones. Darker, more unassuming shades can also be used to create a boho-chic interior. Darker colors, especially those that have been shaded, give off a cottage-like vibe. You can use them to add texture and layers to the room, and make it feel more cozy and intimate. A great way to incorporate darker shades into your boho home decor is by choosing furniture and accessories in rich browns and deep reds. You can also use curtains or rugs in these shades to create a more unified look throughout the room.

Boho-chic accessories

The boho style is all about expressing yourself through the things you surround yourself with. This can be done by incorporating a few accessories into your home decor. Accessories may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the boho style, but they are a great way to add a personal touch to any room. One simple way to incorporate accessories into your boho home decor is by framing photos of loved ones, nature, and your passions. You can also use decorative throw blankets and pillows to add a personal touch to your furniture, or use plants and flowers as accessories when decorating a shelf or table.

Don’t forget your ceiling

Yes, the ceiling is an often overlooked part of home decor. But it can make a big difference in how your room looks, as well as how you feel in it. If you want your ceiling to be a part of your boho home decor, go for light-coloured wooden panels. If you want to extend your boho aesthetic to the ceiling, there are many things you can do. Create a faux-wood ceiling by covering your existing ceiling with wooden panels or tiles. You can also paint your existing ceiling with a light blue-green color, which is a popular choice for bedrooms.

Furniture for a Boho-chic look

The furniture that you choose for your home has a huge impact on the overall design. So when designing a boho-chic interior, it’s important to choose furniture that is both stylish and functional. You can choose furniture that’s coloured in light, neutral shades such as brown, beige, and white. Wooden furniture is also a great option for a boho-chic interior, especially when stained dark.


Designing your home is an opportunity to reflect your tastes, interests, and personality. If you’re thinking about redesigning your home, why not go for the boho style? This relaxed and unstructured look is perfect for those who want to embrace their personal interests and passions in their home decor. With a few tips on how to embrace the bohemian style, you can create a home that’s true to who you are! Keep these tips in mind, and your house will be transformed into a boho-chic oasis in no time. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, moods, and textures. You’re allowed to let your creative juices flow, after all!